Senator Florence Ita-Giwa lights up the runway with Nollywood stars

Genevieve Nnaji, Joke Silva-Jacobs, Funke Akindele-Oloyede, Annie Macaulay-Idibia, Shan George, Rita Dominic, and Monalisa Chinda graced the runway for Senator Florence Ita-Giwa’s Foundation for Children of Bakassi’s charity event tagged The Red Ball. The event held at the Convention centre of Eko Hotel and Suites. Check out pictures from the event below;

Picture credits – Bella Naija & Elejo



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2 Responses to "Senator Florence Ita-Giwa lights up the runway with Nollywood stars"

  1. ConcernedNaijaGal says:

    Look at how nice they all look but go check out the dumpster they are coming from called country. Hawkers at every corner of the street, no constant electricity, generator fumes blasting around 24/7 that could get one’s blood seriously contaminated with carcinogens. The roads and living spaces of Nigeria and Nigerians are like those of a 5th world country with the little yellow motorcades from India and motorcyclist running over people. Wow, do not even think about being in that mess of a country when it rains.

    Oh please do not be fooled by this over dressed photography pose foolishness and all the fake make-up and fake houses in the home-made movies, it is all make believer. All these people that you see calling themselves “stars” the streets they travel on is like a herd of cattles with diarhea just passed over them, one word, FILTH, DUST and DIRT. They pretend with nice amenities in their homes to impress, but outside the streets of their homes gives them away that they are empty vessels. Even the nice areas of the country that they brag about is just rubbish, Lekki is dog’s vomit, VI is

    A country of ultimate confusion, no sense of direction or organization whatsoever, neither is their any culture of maintenance. What are these so called stars with their loads of influence doing to help the common people? Nothing but silly fashion parades and nonsensical awards to entertain themselves and pretend to the Nigerians in the Western world that they have it too while the place is trash. Please Nigerians fix your country before playing pretend and thinking you have arrived while you still wallow in mud. Ever learning and educating themselves and loud-mouths but nothing to show for it but trash.

    SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!! Fashion show for the “Foundation for Children…blah, blah, blah my foot another foolish reason to waste money that could go into good use. At least use the money you are spending on parading fancy clothes and buy bags of rice and beans for the so called children.


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