Video: M.I pranked by fake NDLEA officials

In this video, Nigerian rapper – MI Agaba is caught with fake drugs by pranksters posing as NDLEA officials. The drugs were planted in his car and he was accused of trafficking drugs. Watch his reaction



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2 Responses to "Video: M.I pranked by fake NDLEA officials"

  1. ConcernedNaijaGal says:

    Just take a look around the surrounds of the video, poop, trashy, smelly and mosquito ridden environment as usual, you can even feel the mosquitoes bite just by watching the video; eeewww look at the age old zinc buildings, pewww :(. When M.I. comes out in silly cheap magazines to blab his mouth, would you know he is coming from a pigsty like this? No insult to M.I. I actually like the dude… but all of the so called celebrity and politician even Forbes Nigerian billionaires are alike, they dress well and drive okay cars but you’ve got to check out the hole they came out from, you’ll vomit. They may come from alright houses but around them with the green water gutters and their markets with the tables of open air flies ridden meat is a killer. Even driving a car on Nigerians side streets is like condemning that car and a venture suicide. No constant electricity do to some phony tale of electric rationing…what the heck is that? Toxic gases have saturated the atmosphere of a once clean air country mostly as a result of this killing machines from China.

    Oh Greats! is that the “China killing machine” (generator) that I see in front of the first car!? Common Nigerians, wake up, stop celebrating this your so called eggheads of music and movie stars, and stop paying your politicians until they start producing and giving you a reason to celebrate them, they should be making tangible contributions and providing solutions to their community and country. Do not listen to their yeye music, or watch their yeye backyard made so called “movies” with over weight yukky actresses that do not know the meaning of healthy diet or read the trashy silly egghead magazines filled with nonsensical photo shoots. If they do not help the common man, boycott them and treat them like trash.


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