#ALUU 4 Killings – UNIPORT Shut Down Indefinitely following Violent Protests in ALUU by Students

Students of the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) took to the streets yesterday, in protest of the murder of four of their colleagues by a mob in Omuokiri-Aluu community last Friday. They set ablaze some houses and cars in the community and blocked major roads during the protest which lasted a couple of hours. The rampaging students blocked the East West road for several hours before allegedly marching to Omuokiri-Aluu community to start wrecking havoc.

While they were on rampage, members of the community took to their heels. Vanguard reports that they torched about 12 houses in the community. Reports claim that students from other institutions under the aegis of National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) joined in too. Vanguard reports that during the protest, the students demanded that their Vice Chancellor, Prof Joseph Ajienka addressed them before they dispersed.

When the Vice Chancellor eventually came to plead with the students to shun any temptation to be violent, some of the students immediately started hurling sachets of water at him. It took the timely intervention of security operatives to whisk him away from the spot. The institution has been shut down till further notice.

A Word of Caution from Us

We will not encourage violence and would like to plead with everyone not to be violent. Dwell on these words from one Olivia, and think people, please before you act. Stay safe!!!

So those people that are putting up statuses like…”yes, burn their houses with them inside”, and others who are sending BCs and making comments that the children of the villagers should never live beyond a certain age and also be burnt alive and all that…Let me ask…the boys apparently did something wrong, some of the people in the Aluu community (some oh, not all) got angry and retaliated in a violent way. And some stood by and supported their actions. You too, you are hearing that someone is burning another person’s house down (and the owners of these houses may be completely innocent), and retaliating by destroying a whole community, and you too, you are cheering and supporting and some even wishing that they be burnt alive. Let me ask you…are you now better than the killers or those who cheered them on???



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3 Responses to "#ALUU 4 Killings – UNIPORT Shut Down Indefinitely following Violent Protests in ALUU by Students"

  1. regina says:

    if they really stole it is wrong but killing them is bad they are suppose to be handed over to the police.

  2. val says:

    The bible said suffereth not d witch to live but let dem die… D people of aluu are all more wicked than witchcraft and wizards.. The whole village deserve to b burnt alive with no mercy… I surport the protest of d student (the future president,governors,and law makers) against wat dat wicked and envious community has done…


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