Tee Mac Iseli apologises for comment on Bishop Oyedepo

Former PMAN president, Tee Mac recently posted some comments about Bishop David Oyedepo (founder of Winners Chapel). He accused Oyedepo of being a ‘typical money grabbing fraud.’ See what he posted below

Yesterday, Tee Mac apologized for the comment.
And point of correction Mr Tee Mac Iseli, bloggers have lots of things to write about… Stop Hating!!!



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6 Responses to "Tee Mac Iseli apologises for comment on Bishop Oyedepo"

  1. Ola Olayinka says:

    well no matter what I don't expect any one to say such to men of GOD.their judgement is not from we congregation but of GOD himself, as he apologize I think GOD will forgive him also.

  2. lyryx ni says:

    Na is wa I concur sha though e blunt but its d truth commot d shades n open yr eyes n dnt fall 4 false prophets lies


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