#ALUU 4: Eyewitness recalls what really happened

We don’t know how true this is but here’s an account of what really happened to the ALUU 4 murder victims. This is supposedly an eyewitness’ account.

An indigene of Aluu owed Ugo some money and had vowed not to pay back. Ugo who was popularly known as Tipsy had gone to meet with a fearless University guy (name withheld) to help them track the debtor who had been on the run. ‘Mr Fearless guy’ (a cultist) who was feared by many in the school had accepted to accompany his friends to track the debtor down in exchange for a percentage of the debt.

They were joined by their room-mate, Chidiaka. On their way to the place, they met one of their friend, Tekena, who knew nothing about the plan, and he joined, just for the hype as is normal with young boys of juvenile age. That made 5 boys – Ugo, Lloyd, Chidiaka, Tekena and ‘Mr Fearless Guy’ that got to the debtor’s compound. Unknown to the other four, ‘Mr Fearless Guy’ who was contracted to intimidate the debtor just to get the money paid, went with a gun.

When they got to the debtor’s house around 12am, a fight ensued, as the debtor confronted them. A next door neighbour, a woman started shouting on top of her voice, that they were thieves, attracting other bad boys around the area, who were mainly “vikings”, a rival cult group.

They swung into action by tipping the vigilante group who confronted the boys, referring to them as thieves. In the process of beating the boys, while they were trying to prove their innocence, the fifth boy, ‘Mr Fearless Guy’, who is a cultist, brought out his gun to scare the people, and he escaped, leaving the rest four at the mercy of the villagers.

The explanation they tried to give fell on the community’s deaf ears as the people insisted they must be killed….and unfortunately they were lynched!

Note:- this story is an eyewitness account from the 5th boy who escaped. He narrated this to Ugo and Lloyd’s friend who has pleaded that his identity be kept secret.



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26 Responses to "#ALUU 4: Eyewitness recalls what really happened"

  1. Sue Iheoma David says:

    can u imagine…that 5th boy is brutal..

  2. Sandra says:

    All dese α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ false,I don’t believe dis story one bit.

  3. Ola Akeem says:

    ŊO̶̷̩̥̊͡ matter what those boys did or who they,Arm robbers,cultists,students etc T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ killers are criminal they should be sentence †̥ death,T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ crime. They committed is against humanity

  4. you're clearly an illiterate @Joshua. Didn't you read it. ignorant fool! says:

    you’re clearly an illiterate @Joshua. Didn’t you read it. ignorant fool!

    no matter what these boys did, serving them with jungle justice was not the answer.

    These murderers are psychopaths who use this as an excuse to act out their murderous and psychopathic tendencies. May their deaths not be in vain.
    I am glad that pictures and videos were made at least the rest of the world can see what ignorant fools are still breathing in 2012 and bring their sorry minds to justice.

    Aluu4, sleep tight boys.

  5. ijeoma says:

    anyone who partake ,shout thief brought fuel, matches, tyre ,video without calling 112 must die d same way including chief n police dat gave go ahead order

  6. ijeoma says:

    anyone who partake ,shout thief brought fuel, matches, tyre ,video without calling 112 must die d same way including chief n police dat gave go ahead order moreover uniport students did not act in time all these in polce station fi they were killed d anger would have reduce a little

    • liz says:

      ijeoma the person that did the coverage may not have it in mind as at then to call any number moreso with the presence of a police officer who should have known better what to do in that situation or with (even a common criminal) at least he/she made people to know that there is a bruttal injustice going on somewhere even with the video some may still not believe how much more if it were just an eye witnesses account. we would just hear that those boys went some where and never came back. there are many attrocities going on in places that people are not aware of. so the person that did the video is not someone to be indicted.

  7. felicia says:

    i dont belive dat ALLU ppl can do a tin lke dat, is too bad infact federal goverment should do sometin abt it

  8. Nwachi Emmy says:

    how come nobody knows the so called guy that was owing Ugo. How come the Chief didn’t bother to verify the claim of the boys that they came to take the money Coxson oews them? I can’t understand why the vigilante will do such a thing without confirming the truth even when the boys where conffesing they were not thieves. All invilved in their killing should be tried and hanged

  9. Anonymous says:

    Nnenna you have gone bisect, (1) your name has already shown a kind of madness in you….. (2) your brain is made up of evil things…..

  10. Anonymous says:

    Joyce here is not a place to chat with your lover, talk & comment like a human being not domestic animal…………

  11. Anonymous says:

    I nike you for this! you make sense who ever you are……………….. Nike again……….. COKER

  12. Olufunke Oluwatuyi Kokoh says:

    if u dont knw what 2 say u keep quiet fool,did they luk lyk Cultis 2 u?

  13. liz says:

    i do not know whether those boys are cultist, but even if they are a cultist today has a chance of being a better person tomorrow are you saying that you are a saint. know that those boys are peoples sons, brothers and friend. No matter who they are nobody will ask his son or brother be killed because they are cultist or thieves.

  14. liz says:

    the killing of those boys is senseless and inhuman, even if at all they are thieves what is laptop and phones compared to human lives. it is only a cannibal that does not have regard for human life those involved should be brought to book.


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