#ALUU 4: Omuokiri-Aluu Chief, 10 Others Charged To Court

11 people including the traditional head of Omuokiri-Aluu community, Chief Alhaji Hassan Walewa have been arraigned at the High Court in Port Harcourt over the brutal murder last Friday of four students of the University of Port Harcourt.

The state Police Commissioner, Mr Mohammed Ndabawa who made this known when the Executive Secretary of the National Human rights Commission, Prof Ben Agwe and his team visited him at the Police headquarters in Port Harcourt said a total of thirteen persons had so far been arrested in connection with the ugly incident.The state Police boss who spoke through his Deputy Police Commissioner, Mr Thomas Etomi said two persons out of the thirteen were kept behind to aid police investigation.

He assured that the Police would unearth all details relating to the murder, adding that the Commission would be kept abreast with minute developments from the Police angle on the issue. (Vanguard)



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9 Responses to "#ALUU 4: Omuokiri-Aluu Chief, 10 Others Charged To Court"

  1. Ayeni abiodun says:

    But wat dis people don is not gud ooo

  2. Pooja says:

    As we say he, this woman has ‘signed’ finally and she is rlaely going for broke. She knows she is on her way out – either way – but she won’t go quietly. Since her NAFDAC days, Aunty Dora has been a darling of the Nigerian press and even if she farts in her sleep, it would make front page news the next day.This is her rage against those who have used her as their mouthpiece all these while and then Aondoakaa had the guts to call her ‘stupid’. Hopefully, she can salvage whatever is left of her reputation with this last ditch effort.Every time I watch her on TV, I cannot but see the resemblance between her and the late Kudirat Abiola. I sincerely hope – and pray – that she still has that her lucky headtie (the one that stops bullets). A shudder runs through me.@Rethots: I don’t know for how long we will deceive Jonathan and ourselves on this matter. Yar’adua is President. Full stop. If anything, Jonathan is acting on delegated authority from the President while he recovers – if he recovers.The game changed the moment that plane landed and we all accepted that Yar’adua was in it. there can’t be two Presidents in a country. Jonathan is not Acting anything again. You guys probably thought Segun Adeniyi calling Jonathan ‘Vice President’ in the first official memo was a mistake. It was deliberate and by that communication, they took back whatever authority had conferred the acting status on Jonathan, then they went ahead and conferred their own ‘acting’ status on him. That is shy the Senate has been silence since. They don’t know how to respond to it. As a student of strategy, this was a masterstroke.So whatever Jonathan does now, he does in the name of and on behalf of Umaru Musa Yar’adua by virtue of their joint ticket. Jonathan is not his own man right now and thus cannot do anything without taking orders from the Ambulance. And we all know who the voice from the Ambulance is.I do not envy Goodluck Jonathan right now.N.I.M.M.O


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