#ALUU 4: The Video of the Brutal Murder of 4 UNIPORT Students (Viewers Discretion Advised)

This video is not for the faint heartened neither is it for the sane, this is a disturbing video of the brutal killing of 4 human beings. A cold blooded murder of 4 students who met their faith in a village of Omuokiri-Aluu community. This is not a death you wish upon your enemies. Justice must be served for these boys and their families!


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      • Ted

        finya May 14, 2010 don’t drop anything if I were you.. haahha.. every single cent that you will spend is I think will be worthwhile because it’s not only the trip itself, its the culture there and your bonding with your friends and the feeling of being free from stressful manila that you are exchanging with your money!! Just enjoy being a traveler for a month! go aja!

      • dfupxh
    • Princess Yetunde

      time to get justice, i agree with u my sister

    • Anonymous

      is more than wickedness

      • Anonymous

        Anybody dt did ds will Neva no peace in his entire life. Mr President do smtn ds community must be wipe out. Arrest dre community leader they will fish out d culprit.

      • Esther Nwodo

        I still feel pain , i really don’nt no wat to say.God help if those stupid villagers can watch people die dat tells no love indeed according to their song
        How can we 4get dis type of wickedness from our ppl
        so bad so bad

        • Anonymous

          i love your speach

      • Ewoski

        Its so so sad… The cry for justice, will it be heard? The world has neared its end.

      • Anonymous

        This is disheartening, inhuman, insane, babaric, painful, horrific and the height of wickedness in this nation. May their blood question their killers, spectators and the entire village and their families of generations to come. What more can I but that God should accept their souls into heaven and their families strenght to bear their loss amen and to the Nigerian President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, see that all the culprits are brought to book with no mercy. I wonder what the world take of us right now.

        • GYEL DANDONG

          What a human waste by bastards.dt community do not knw God n I belief dy’v bn doing it for long.trust Nigerian govt,dy wl go Scott free.if it during d days we wre still in dt university,even if d university is closed down for ten years we wl com n dt village must pay for dt act.ar dia educated in dt village at all?,som wer even speaking English,OMG!,I wish I dd nt watch ds.RIP my brothers n God console ur parents n other Nigerians bc it’s nt only ur parents dt r weeping ova dse deaths.
          We dnt just hv a govt to act ova things like ds,both d executiv n d senate r busy syphoning money from govt scoffers.God wl punish dm her on earth thru boko haram.IDIOTS.

        • Walter Chigbo

          I cannot forecast to you the action of Aluu. It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. They community ve nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat. Older men declare war, but it is youth that must fight and die. To the community Chief,you are a coward, you can’t separated peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom. War is the greatest plague that can afflict humanity; it can destroys families, community, religion, states, nations,. Any scourge is preferable to it. We must remember that in time of war what is said on the enemy’s side of the front is always propaganda and what is said on our side of the front is the truth and righteousness, the cause of humanity and crusade for peace. ALUU should know that they have instigated war, and war is war, the only good human being is a dead one. It is always easy to begin a war, but very difficult to stop one. The Qur’an [translation by (Mohammed) Fight in the way of Allah against those who fight against you, but begin not hostilities. Lo! Allah knoweth, ye know not.

        • Walter Chigbo

          To the community Chief, Allah loveth not aggressors, and make not Allah, by your oaths, a hindrance to your being ritgheous and observing your duty unto HIM and making peace among mankind. Allah is Hearer,knower. War is at best barbarism, and as long as war is regarded as wicked, it will always have its fascination. War is cruelty, and you cannot refine it.

        • http://www.google.com Theophilus

          The whole community should be demolished and extremely divastated….This is the only way the death of those boys can be paid…This has brutalised our name as a country…Something needs to be done fast

        • Anonymous

          whoever raised the alarm is responsible for their death

          • rida

            This is not their fist time in killing people @ aluu community….they have slaughter ground called MOB….I want u to ask their useless man call chief,their not human being they”re ANIMAL…Let’s wipe the whole village so it won;t happen again in another place

        • http://facebook ayodele sunday

          Bad news

        • http://facebook ayodele sunday

          D whole villagers shuld b hold responsible 4dat incident.

        • Shehu

          This is terrific, barbaric and unacceptable in our country. Every member of Aluu community who participated in the dastard act must be arrested and prosecuted for aiding and abetting in crime against humanity. Aluu has just put herself on a world map as a no go area. I do not know what to further say than justice must be done!

        • kunle bamidele

          This is unacceptable even in the world of babarians but unfortunately, this is the essence of loosing Core Social Values. Aggregately, in this country we are just a bunch of wicked people. This is too satanic to be real.

          Its unfortunate but as a people, we are far from civilization. Our behaviour depicts living in a world of aliens. Even the way we treat animals to how we treat our human fellows. In our business, all we do is to cheat, In governance all we do is to steal , As a society all we do is to celebrate all people we call leaders or heros who virtually earn their wealth via corruption, In our religious life all we do is to live as hypocrites, we dare not question our pastors or imams because they are rep of God on earth while they openly make wealth from the poor in unGodly ways. I think in this part of the world, we have lost the true essence or basis of living . This is not only unbelievable but its a reflection of who we are as a people.

        • charles iwundu

          this is a wicked act these that are involve should face the music know delay in it. nigerians are waiting two see the out come even the police that are involve should face it without delay. because this against God and humanity .even so called the chief of the village who have sacrifys his sons two dead even God will not take it easy with them a just must done two this with out delay

        • da ville

          Aluu community s wat I describe as devil’s den so I say d only way we cn repay our brodas death s to wipe dis community.let them feel d pain of loosin an only son.aluu we don mark una red

        • austine gallant

          the blood of the innocent remains on the traitors, they will die like foul with their head tied round their waste. Bloody zombies

        • Nigeria Why

          Can’t even watch this video….. I am a Nigerian living in London with a British passport , before I used to be ashamed that I wasn’t connected with my origins enough and was about processing my Nigerian passport and setting up regular visits….. having watched this video i will gladly renounce my Nigerian heritage…. is this normal… people being killed like dogs…. when did human beings become animals…. when did human beings become God (the only One who can give and take life).

          I fear for my unborn children….. is this the world that they are coming to meet, where brutal killing and raw wickedness has become a scene to cheer at….

          To the four that where killed… on behalf of mankind…. we are sorry… may your souls rest in peace and may your murders never ever know peace.

          am sorry for Nigeria

        • Anonymous

          Viable prodspective Nigrians maimed and burnt for № good reason!this has bn happening,wil tђe Nigrian govt fold der hands and watch tђese alliens go free????????? Ǥσ̲̅đ bless tђeir souls.may tђe families and “every” indigene of Aluu neva knw peace.

        • John

          Those behind the killings should face firing squad.

        • Sanya Oluwafemi

          Tears! Only Tears! Tears for Nigeria! How did we ever get here! Just one would have been bad still! Hey! Those were 4 *INNOCENT* human beings sentenced to a hard-bitten, callous death by soulless juries in jungle justice. Lord have mercy! Those could have been any of us!

        • http://www.krisan234.com Ugwu Kristian

          The incident which took place in the community of Aluu is a good example of how humans could be so inhuman. I watched the video on youtube and wondered the amount of money, compered to the billions of naira our so called leader’s divert into their private accounts, did those saints/heroes/legends of our time made away with [if they truly made away with it], that made those beasts/muderers/devils/vampires that executed them to inflict such horrible/painful/untimely/shameful death upon those great citizens ? The world is gradually coming to an end and it’s most likely to start from this ungodly/selfish/hopeless/useless country of our’s by name Nigeria. MAY GOD ALMIGHTY GRANT THEM ENTERNAL REST IN HIS BOSSOM. Amen

        • REVENGE


        • johnny

          This act is quite uncall for and its pure heartlessness and wickedness,they shouldn’t have taken justice into their hands instead they should have reported to the police.Please I implore the police to take proper actions against those that are involved in this manslaughter.I pray that God will console their families.

        • Anonymous

          This is unfair!its inhuman!

        • Daniel

          We all condemn this ghastly act, and rightly so. But come to think of it, are the rest of us any different? When push comes to shove, are we not in some measure capable of such heinous hate and evil? Is this not how we look at life? What were the rest onlookers doing watching when they could have called the police? Is it not because they approve of it? What now qualifies the rest of us as different? You may say its all because it was in a village. What about the countless same incidences that have happened in places like Lagos in the past? Were the culprits ever brought to book? A few years back in Lagos a small beggar boy was burnt to death in the same manner for pick-pocketing in the full view of watching adults. How about that? After that incidence did you ever hear of any one being brought to book? Do you still feel that the rest of us are any different?. The fact is this, this is what we breed in Nigeria, and when you breed something it matures with time and when it does, you rip the full benefits or harm of what you have bred. Now Nigeria, we are ripping the fruits of our labour, the consequences of what we have bred; and its only the beginning. Why? because you do not sow mango and expect to rip orange. Take it or leave it, this ALUU is the TRUE FACE OF NIGERIA.

        • Anonymous

          May d killer of d four uniport student neua have peace in life.AMEN

        • Andy

          Can someone identify the heartless fellow that was on long sleeve white and black kind of check/stripe shirt who forced the tyre into one of the victims head? He was also the same fellow hitting them with morter pestle. That fellow is a devil’s incarnate. He should not be jailed but sentenced to death by hanging. Government should not waist our tax payers money to feed such people.

        • bles

          he who kils by d gun shal die by d gun

        • Diana

          tooooh bad

        • shirley Cook

          I’m so sickened that such behavior exists in our world. May their souls rest is peace.

        • BJ

          I am saddened to have seen this video. May God bless the soul’s of these victims and help their families over come their grief. I pray for the community and country.

          • dan marshall

            BJ….how can you say God bless their souls? it is ridiculous to believe in God. Where was your God when these boys were being murdered?

        • dan marshall

          the human race deserves Armeggedeon. And when it happens, no matter how painful it may be for me and my friends and family, i will always feel in my heart that it is right and what is best. I am ashamed to be part of the human race.

          • Aaron

            this is unbelievable! How can someone do these things to anyone?! A dog does not deserve this kind of death! i hope the men who did this suffer the same death.
            — Los Angeles USA.

          • turnder shall fire those wicked sole, they get mind finish those 4 gys lyk dat. Chai! It’s a pty.


          • Anonymous

            this is terrible, we really need justice if nt there be no peace

          • http://[email protected] Sunday

            2 bad

          • http://[email protected] Sunday

            its not fair at all.

          • http://yahoo.com VIDA MINTA

            it sooo sad

          • wisdom Iyip

            Wot a world we r in ,u jst catch 4 boyz in an act nd u did not wait 4 dere explaination , u jst tuk d law into ur own hands nd u ppl jst wasted d future of dis boyz!!! Aluu or wot Eva dat community is called shuld be burnt down nd all who r dere must die unless dey produce dos wu killed dis boyz . Useless ppl in aluu must pay wit dere lifes .RIP uniport big boyzzzz.

          • http://08140017551 I pray that there soul will rest in the bosom of the lord.amen


          • Adanna

            This is barbaric..May God punish d killers of dis young boys…May dey continue 2 presence sorrows all dis days of dia lives as many of dos dat has a hand in dia killing dia generations,children’s children and dia children will die one afta d oda…To d law enforcement agents dat has a hand in dia death u pple dnt knw hw painful it is 4 a woman 2 go into d labor room…May death be ur portion dis 2014…God punish u all… U Pple shall all die a painful death!!!