Happy Birthday Cossy Orjiakor!!!

Its Cossy Orjiakor’s birthday and she has graciously decided to share live pictures from her birthday party on Twitter. See some here;

For more pictures, visit Cossy’s Twitter page HERE



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7 Responses to "Happy Birthday Cossy Orjiakor!!!"

  1. El-derado says:

    I don’t even know this girl this is my second time of hearing about her and in this type of posture.Who is she self?is she a musician or an actress?All i can say is that she is seeking for notice but this is not the way to do it,this can only earn her sleeping arround with men who are like her,pls anybody who knows her should tell her to try another method she is brief and urgly.Maybe na those strong boobs that is confusing you.

  2. mega says:

    I dey pitty this thing,let her look for something good for herself.chei na mama born this one?maybe she is a prodigal daughter chei!

  3. BEBE says:

    Getting nude doesn’t bring out your beauty,you should be beautiful when wear good dresses don’t you look at omo sexy even as a married woman she still looks sexy,does she go nude?I BEG YOU HELP YOUR SELF.

  4. henroo says:

    You better embrase God.this kind of life cannot lead you anywhere.

  5. meme says:

    she just wana get noticed.

  6. eno says:

    can’t even see anything in her,her skin is already getting shrinked.

  7. olowu says:

    God helps those who help themselves,cossy or what do they call u help yourself.


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