Mrs Somebody??? Na by force

Hahaaa!!! I don’t know where to start. Ok, let me paint you a picture… Imagine a 33-year old literate woman with a cane in her living room binding and casting spirits because her boyfriend has just decided they would never get married. See her prayer below;

Spirit of singleness, I command you
Spirit of loneliness, DIE, DIE, DIE
Spirit of late marriage, DIE, Fall down and die
Spirit of Promise and fail, I reject, I rebuke, I reject
I cast, Fall down and DIE, DIE, DIE
I am killing them, DIE
Whether the devil likes it or not,
I am getting married this year

This 33-year old woman was played by Uche Jombo-Rodriguez in the movie ‘Mrs Somebody.’ I strongly recommend that you watch the movie on Iroko TV+ before you continue reading. The movie, directed by Desmond Elliot & Tom Robson tells the story of a desperate woman of marriageable age who after a motivational speech from her pastor, proceeds to purchase a wedding gown, in anticipation that her boyfriend will propose to her. Her 35-year old boyfriend, on the other hand isn’t ready to commit to anyone despite serious pressure from his mother to get married. The movie stars Uche Jombo – Rodriguez, Yemi Blaq, Barbara Soky, Kenneth Okolie, Bobby Obodo, Belinda Effah, and others.

As funny as this film is, it is quite sad that our society has pushed a lot of women to become extremely desperate to get married. You only need to visit a Single’s fellowship or a wedding ceremony to get a feel of how desperate young girls & women have become. In as much as marriage is enviable, it is not a do-or-die affair. Some girls really need to understand that the fact that you become a Mrs doesn’t mean you are complete. It doesn’t guarantee you a lifetime of happiness, neither does it mean all your problems will go straight out of the door. If you’re one of those who listens to everything people say, then get ready because once your wedding is over, they’d start again. They’d ask why you’re not yet pregnant, and if you already have a child, they’d wonder why you haven’t considered baby number 2.

The movie also reminds me of a message titled ’15 reasons not to get married’ by Dr. Olukoya of MFM. Read and be blessed.
  1. Lust: Don’t get married out of lust for someone. Some people get married just to have a sexual partner.
  2. Infatuation: Love at first sight. Wake up girl, it doesn’t exist in the real world.
  3. Liking the idea of marriage: I want to be called Mrs… I want to wear someone’s ring… I want to have a woman who’d hold my hand when I walk the streets. Exactly what this movie is about. Wake up!!!
  4. The fear of remaining unmarried.. You’re not the first and won’t be the last unmarried person. Like one of the characters said, Mother Theresa was a single woman, did that stop her from touching the lives of so many others.
  5. Pressure: Self explanatory.
  6. Escaping from being jilted:  Some people see marriage as victory over an unsuccessful relationship. Remember if it was meant to be, nothing would have separated u from this person
  7. For money – Money does not guarantee the success of your marriage. It never guarantees happiness. However, this is not an excuse to go for someone with no ambitions/plans
  8. Using marriage as an escape route: Some people are tired of living with their parents. Move out and pay your own bills, if you can’t stand them. Don’t get married just to get your parents/guardians out of the way.
  9. Feeling sorry for someone: It is extremely important not to get married to anyone out of pity.
  10. Foolish expectations – E.g. Getting married to a smoker when you cannot stand the habit and hoping they will change during the course of marriage; getting married to a flirtatious man/woman and hoping they’d stick with you and you alone.
  11. Physical attributes – Beauty will wear out someday and will be replaced by wrinkles. No one looks exactly the same after a couple of years
  12. Accidental pregnancy – Falling pregnant for a man doesn’t mean you should subject yourself to spending the rest of your life with the wrong partner.
  13. Tribal connection – Igbo marry Igbo, Yoruba marry Yoruba, Hausa marry Hausa. Have you not seen people of the same tribe who have gotten divorced over simple differences? The fact that you hail from the same tribe or state as a person doesn’t guarantee that both of you will live together forever.
  14. Just to satisfy parents – Don’t marry your dad/mum’s friend’s son/daughter just to please them. They’ve rocked their own lives, live yours!!
  15. Don’t get married with the intention of hurting someone else – parents/friends/siblings/ex-lovers, etc. You might end up being hurt and it’s a complete waste of your time and energy.
I enjoyed watching the movie though and learnt a few lines, which I sure will be making reference to in some of my conversations with friends.
“You’re not exactly a spring chicken at 35, you know. Do you want your kids to call you grandpa?”
-Barbara Soki
There I was thinking I had misjudged you. Your mother’s a good sales person, you’re just a bad product.
- Uche JR
I’d rather travel by road than by air. At least that way my corpse will be found
- Barbara Soki
Uche’s friend: You bought a wedding dress without choosing a wedding date
Uche: The pastor challenged us to take a bold step of faith. That (wedding dress) is my bold step of faith
Uche’s friend: Has he even proposed
Uche: He’d propose in Jesus name.
Uche Jombo: There was this dream I had about Coco Jnr. By the way Coco is our first son obviously after we get married
Yomi Blaq: We’re not going to get married. In fact, this relationship is over. Tomorrow morning, get your things and leave
Uche Jombo: I bind, I rebuke, I reject, I cast back to the abyss!!! Jehovah Jireh, you said we should possess our possessions. I release, I release, My Bible tells me whatever is bound in heaven is bound on earth.
Marriage is meant to be enjoyed not endured… Please choose wisely as your marriage will either make or break you



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14 Responses to "Mrs Somebody??? Na by force"

  1. Tomi Oladepo says:

    I enjoyed reading this… should I say review. Well done Seyi.

  2. ChiChi says:

    !!!!!!!!!!- Co-sign all the way

  3. Folaranmi Ojo Bode says:

    Lol seyi v 2watch d movie niyen o…. Cnt beleive she bought a wedding dress tho…

  4. Folaranmi Ojo Bode says:

    Lol seyi v 2watch d movie niyen o…. Cnt beleive she bought a wedding dress tho…

  5. Agatha says:

    I enjoyed reading this. I have to watch the movie. It’s sad but true the reality of “Mrs Somebody” the pastor in my friends church told all the single sisters to make their wedding invitation with a date and bring to church for prayers. It will happen by force by fire…lol

  6. od4real says:

    I love dis ur post,well done.its not vain like other bloggers do.u must be God-fearing wt d way u write & explaind facts.thank u cos I learnt enuf.

  7. Adaeze Ofodile says:

    :) lovely piece. U missed the next line out " Uche Jumbo: Father Lord… whatever is bound in heaven is also bound on earth,…. rather than your word not to come to pass, Heaven & Earth will pass away" :D nice write up gistus.

  8. Aline Virginie says:

    UChe you are amazing. Your wall of fame in my house.. so proud to be African when I see you acting.. Mrs Somebody is a master piece…:)


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