MBGN 2012 Isabella Ayuk to launch the Vanessa Manyor Memorial Foundation in Abuja

The reigning Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2012, Miss Isabella Ayuk is set to launch the Vanessa Manyor Memorial Foundation (VMMF) in Abuja . VMMF was founded by Isabella in memory of her sister who died of typhoid fever and she therefore intends to use it to campaign against typhoid fever. The event, which will be attended by top government officials, members of the diplomatic corps, and the Honourable Minister of Woman Affairs, is billed to take place this Saturday (the 4th of November 2012). Speaking about VMMF, Isabella said;

My sister died of typhoid fever and VMMF has been campaigning and will continue to campaign against it. VMMF will also continue to empower widows as my mother is a widow and widows are always in need of widow’s mite…VMMF is all about caring for, supporting and protecting the lives of citizens living in the rural communities of Nigeria against the spread of typhoid fever, malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, opportunistic infections and improvement of rural health through behavioural change communication strategies, voluntary confidential counselling and testing (VCCT) as well as condom and drugs distribution.

Isabella has undertaken quite a few projects already that include granting scholarships to students, donating medical equipments to hospitals, distributing  free typhoid vaccines to refugee camps, renovating primary schools and houses belonging to widows, amongst others.



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