Eye Make-Up Tips: The Eye, The Window To The Soul

Today I’ll be giving tips on eye make up! My absolute fav!!! fav!!! fav!!!

They say the eyes are the window to the soul because they reveal everything you feel inside. They speak louder than the roar of a thousand thunders and can never ever keep a secret! Your eyes are everything, that is why you should always take good care of them (and dress them beautifully with flawless eye make-up).

There are three major areas of the eyes to take note of and they are; the brow bone, the crease and the eye lid.

In order to achieve a beautiful eye make-up there are certain rules you should follow (well except you are applying a high fashion/dramatic make-up).

Only light natural colours should be applied on the brow bone. Colours like beige, gold, apricot, silver etc. It is best to use a matt natural colour on the brow bone for an everyday look, you can also use a satiny natural colour ( a satiny eye-shadow contains very little shimmer).
Avoid using Shimmery eye-shadow on your brow bone, except you are sure you can manage the shimmers properly.

Feel free to go CRAZY with colours and different textures of eye-shadows on your eyelid!!!! Here any and everything goes! You can have a disco there if you please!

The darkest shade of eye-shadow should be applied on your crease. e.g dark brown and black, but you do not need to limit yourself to those colours, be creative!!! Try dark shades in blue, green, purple or what ever tickles your fancy. However, this step is not compulsory, YES YOU CAN skip it!!!

When you have applied all your colours on the right places, take your big shadow brush and blend your eye-shadow (the crease area) till you can not tell where any of the colours meet!

When your shadow is set, you can line your eyes with either a pencil,liquid or gel eye-liner in ANY COLOUR!!! Make it fun and exciting!!!

So ladies, try out something fun and exciting with your make-up this weekend or whenever you have the time. Add some colour, be free and creative with it and send the pics to us!!! We will love to see what you come up with!!!

So with that my ladies I want to say Have a blessed, beautiful and colourful week!

Yours beautifully,

Ify Onwuka



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Ifeyinwa Onwuka a practicing lawyer and makeup enthusiast. In her spare time, she offers bridal/day, fashion and character makeup services. Ifeyinwa is a guest writer at www.gistus.com.
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