Video: Venus and Serena Williams Dance with School Girls in Ikoyi Lagos

Tennis superstars,Venus & Serena Williams paid a visit to the Government College (Junior) Ikoyi. The Williams sisters were at the school, courtesy of Proctor & Gamble (makers of Always Sanitary Pads) and Connect Marketing Services. They also used the opportunity to address rumors that they hail from Nigeria. The rumors were sparked by the fact that one of their sisters, who died in 2003, was named Yetunde. Read their statement;

We have heard from many people asking whether we hail from the Badagry area of Lagos in Nigeria. But we are using this  opportunity to clear the air once and for all. We are proud Americans, we are not from Nigeria but we love the people of this country no doubt’ – Serena

Venus also supported her sister by saying  their parent never told them they are from Nigeria.


According to the managing director of Connect Marketing Services, Mr. Tunji Adeyinka, “the Williams Sisters are in Nigeria for a great course, to provide encouragement, motivation, and empowerment for the African girl child and women in general – so the decision to visit the young women of Government College Ikoyi was inspired by the message of the Breaking The Mould campaign – these young girls need the right role models to help them activate their dreams”

Venus Williams

Venus and Serena Williams spoke to the girls about a wide range of issues, from their ambitious beginnings to the secret behind their success as Tennis players. The sisters stressed on family, and the need for older sisters to set the right example for their younger ones, according to Venus, “my role model has always been my elder sister, Serena – she made me aspire to greatness. Also family is very important…” She also went on to emphasize that a loving and supportive family is the bedrock of greatness, saying she was grateful to her family for providing her with the proper discipline and moral compass that pointed her towards greatness from a very tender age.



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  1. Richard says:

    Very good to u sisters we love


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