AY and family cover new Issue of Mother-In-Style magazine

Multi talented comedian AY and his lovely family has joined the list of celebrities to be featured on the cover of Motherhood-In-Style. Motherhood-In-Style is a lifestyle magazine for parents as they journey through the most challenging and most extraordinary phases in parenting.

AY was quoted in the Independence edition saying “we are very happy together as a family. My wife and I have learnt how to be there for each other by having no other choice than to make our relationship work. Family must come first in terms of setting my priorities right”.  In describing AY as a dad and husband, Mabel was also quoted saying “He is a very caring dad, the type who would do everything possible to make us happy and comfortable. Above all, he is such a loving husband who pays undiluted attention to my emotions”.
AY and family were photographed by Kelechi Amadi Obi for the magazine and will feature in a 11-page spread including other parenting tips that makes up the 88 pages of Motherhood-in-style .You can get a copy from your vendor or visit www.motherhoodinstyle.net to find the sales outlet nearest to you.



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