Movie Review: Save Our Souls …. from Cancer

Hmmmm!!!! I can’t recommend this movie enough. With the death of popular Lagos designer – Remi Lagos still fresh on our minds, this is one of the most relevant topics in our society today… CANCER. I know so many people who have passed away due to cancer and a lot of these lives could have been saved through early detection or just by education & enlightenment.


Four Nigerians from different walks of life have each been recently diagnosed with advanced cancer. Each copes with their diagnosis in a different way, from relying on religion, to turning to alcohol. The devastating news not only deeply affects them, but also those closest to them.

Cast: Kenneth Okonkwo, Oby Edozieh, Chioma Chukwuka-Akpotha, Enebeli Elebuwa, Ebele Okaro, Segun Arinze, Anthony Monjaro, Christy Okonkwo
Year: 2010
Director: Moses Inwang
Producer: Oby Edozieh
Story: Oby Edozieh
Screenplay: Vickie Aluta

This movie definitely has a clear story line (even though quite predictable) and a purpose, unlike many other Nigerian movies. At no point did the cast & crew loose track of the fact that they were trying to pass on a message and everyone who watched the movie would attest to the fact that there was something to learn. The movie had the right amount of irony, contrast. The scenes in India were a bit out of order though, it felt that the director tried too hard to show us that this movie had achieved the ultimate task of shooting a movie outside Nigeria (and in India) that sometimes, it took a bit of meaning away from some of the scenes.

The cast did an amazing job. I am a massive fan of Ebele Okaro, she really becomes immersed in whatever character she plays. Segun Arinze also did well, Oby Edozieh was believable… Enebeli Elebuwa deserves a standing ovation and a massive round of applause, everyone really pulled their weight. Whoever was in charge of makeup could have searched for a bald cap that had blended well with Oby’s skin color at the scene where she was hospitalized.

There are lessons we should draw from this movie, which I have listed and explained below;

 Religious Leaders, Please do what is right

The amount of people who believe that a General Overseer or Pastor has the right to send sickness packing is alarming. I’m not saying that it is impossible but I know that it is God who heals and not man. And before you judge me, I know the Bible says they are prophets but the same Bible addresses everyone when it says in Matthew 7:7 ‘Ask and it shall be given unto you’. The instruction to ask does not refer to men of God, pastors, church workers alone, it’s a message to everyone. The Bible also says ‘Heaven  helps those who help themselves.’

If you are a Pastor or religious leader reading this and you happen to meet someone who’s ill, please direct them to get medical help in a hospital. Do not succumb them to hours of deliverance sessions that will only make their problems worse. The Pastor in this movie didn’t think to refer the member of his congregation to the hospital until she fainted during a deliverance session, where he kept pounding her head with the Bible. As far as I’m concerned, that Pastor should be held accountable for the death of the woman. She had come to see him several times throughout her ordeal and he didn’t mention the hospital. All he kept saying was ‘The devil is a liar,’ etc

Heaven helps those who help themselves

So Ebele Okaro played the role of a Christian single mother who recently lost her husband and has had to battle her in-laws for everything. She then ultimately gets immersed in church activities – going to church in the morning, afternoon, and evening. She even went to the point of getting a bib given to her by the church, which she believes keeps her safe from every evil. After much persuasion from her loving daughters, she eventually decides to go to church  to get tested. When the doctor diagnosed that she had cancer, she refused to go to the hospital saying that ‘the Lord will heal her’.

People, I beg you in the name of God, seek medical help when you are ill, you can support your medication with prayers. Just remember that ‘Heaven helps those who help themselves.’

Self Medication

In Nigeria, we love self medication so much. Every time someone’s ill, we instantly know what drug to recommend. ‘Have you taken Fansidar, Panadol, Boscopan?… it must be Malaria/Typhoid.’ Whenever you have any symptoms – headaches, pains, lumps, whatever it is, please see a doctor; talk to someone who knows. Do not prescribe drugs for yourself and think you’d be okay as time goes on.  Besides seeing the doctor when necessary, it is also important to take time out to have regular check-ups to make sure you are healthy.  Going to the hospital isn’t

Cancer No Dey Show for Face

In this movie, the four characters that were affected by cancer were a mix of educated, illiterate, rich, poor, happy, sad, smokers, non-smokers people, etc… Basically, the message is that ANYONE, ABSOLUTELY ANYONE can be affected by cancer. It is important that we all learn as much as we can and enlighten ourselves so that we are aware of our options, if we ever find ourselves in this situation. Cancers refer to a broad group of various diseases, all involving unregulated cell growth. When a person gets cancer, these cells divide and grow uncontrollably, forming malignant tumors, and invade nearby parts of the body. Cancers  can spread to more distant parts of the body through the lymphatic system or bloodstream. (Wikipedia)

Today, I’d like everyone to do some research about cancer, find out what causes cancer, the different types, etc. Death is Inevitable!!! One sure thing is we all will die someday, the only difference would be how we die and when it happens. Life is just a journey. Enjoy life as much as you can.

Here’s a link to the movie, I watched it on IROKOTV+



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