Who Wants To Be a Millionaire host, Frank Edoho remarries

Frank Edoho has married his long-term girlfriend – Sandra Onyenaucheya. Rumors started to go round after Frank introduced Sandra as his ‘wife’ at the unveiling of the new Heineken bottle, which held at the Federal Palace hotel recently. Sandra has since been spotted wearing a wedding band, which confirms the rumors. Sandra, who is a mother of one, moved in with Frank at his home in VGC last year.

Sandra’s wedding band

Frank was previously married to TV presenter, Katherine Obiang and the couple had 3 children together. Katherine recently featured in a documentary about domestic violence, where she described her plight supposedly while she was still married to Frank. In her own words, she said

“Just to dare to argue with your husband is like a challenge in your home. The woman is challenging the man and tempers flay and then you snap, then there is a slap. He says ‘I am sorry it is a mistake’ then says ‘sorry I won’t do it again,’ then he does it again, again and again.”

Katherine Obiang

Watch the full documentary here;

Read the story HERE, if you missed it. According to modernghana.com, Frank replied critcs via his Twitter page with the following messages

Here are some of his Tweets;

We’ve been separated for over a year now and I want to say Kathy is a great mum & a good person But it wasn’t working. Forget press stories.

Hey ppl! just want u to know that I wld never do anything to hurt my family. But sadly, I am separated from wife & it’s irreconcilable!

When I talk about what really went down, jaws will drop and then u’ll learn that if u want to get hitched, make sure it’s your soul mate!pls!

Hi Tweeps! Thanks for all your support.There’s no reconciliation for me on this matter.

No more ball-and chain 4 me.I’ve had it! I’M out!

We wish Frank & Sandra all the best!!





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20 Responses to "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire host, Frank Edoho remarries"

  1. ebony says:

    I realy wish they ar still 2geda, I like T̲̣̣̥hƐ̷̃̊ former wife, maybe he is doin all dis bcos he wants †̥ bring sanda in,d bible says till death do us apart

  2. abongwa nelly says:

    i will like to have you as my friends but want to know you more thank you God bless you and family in life sorry my name is brandon

  3. Bowale says:

    So sad what a pity men’s world hmm

  4. Abdul-Azeez Hafsat says:

    wow this is serious, lol….

  5. True vine says:

    Frank Idoho you are heartless and shameless; you had to give your wife a bad name to hang her abi? So you can run into the open arms of your long awaited girlfriend. You left a woman who had been tru the thick & thin with you when the going was tough and having bore you 3 wonderful kids you still left them; now that you think you have made it. WICKENESS!. Let God judge the both of you if truely its her fault which ofcorse there would have been room for forgiveness if you hadn’t a plan B. cos that’s our Lord Jesus’ advise to us FORGIVENESS. But if you used her weak points as an excuse to go into another marriage and hurt the feelings of your wife & children then be rest asure that you will be rewarded. Madam take heart God will help you to raise the kids well, look unto Him.

  6. spiral says:

    marriage is for matured people. to be matured is not a question of age!

  7. Ema Uteh says:

    both parties have agreed to stay apart for peace sake , we should careless who is wrong or right like he quote "no reconciliation" pls let them be…lets talk least and question least too….I wish bros FRANK EDOHO a fruitful married life and for the Ex… she should move on, God be with her ad their kids.

  8. Uwuigbe Love says:

    sorry frank

  9. bola says:

    Frank is useless it might seem he id having a ball with the yellow girl that has no where to take her first son. But one thing is certain frank will pay forbeating his wife and lleaving his sons. Maybe not now but karma has its ways I assure every one. Those kind of men pay their dues heavily.

  10. Ismail Abdulhakeem Ogundeji Olaide says:



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