Eyebrows – Thick, thin, full, what’s right or wrong?

Eyebrows play a major part in anyone’s makeup routine (male or female) these days. People seem to express themselves through their eyebrows. In the modern world of beauty, the shape of anyone’s eyebrows is no longer determined by nature, you can decide what shape you want for your brows.

I might not be an eyebrow expert, but I feel your eyebrows should be left or made to look as normal/natural as possible. That may be because I’m naturally a simple person and believe makeup should enhance your natural features and not make you look totally different. Anyways, enough of me… While researching this topic, I encountered an article on Yahoo titled ‘Chinese Face Reading: Your Eyebrow and You,’ apparently in face reading, your eyebrows say a lot about you as a person. So see below to find out what your eyebrows say about you (with my comments in italics)

Extends Pass the Eye

Eyebrows extending pass the eye

In face reading, when the eyebrows extend much beyond the eyes, this person is destined to have four to six siblings. Modern intervention, however, can make this prediction somewhat inaccurate. (Definitely not me, I’ve always wondered why people draw their brows past their eyes, is there actually anyone who’s eyebrows NATURALLY extend pass their eyes, I’d like to meet u)

Short Eyebrows

If long eyebrows mean lots of siblings, does short eyebrows indicate fewer siblings? That is correct. In addition, the eyebrows govern fortunes between 31 to 34 years of age. A short eyebrow indicates that between 31 and 34, a person will have more disruptions in their professional and personal life. (Ok, I’m glad my eyebrows are not short then)

Thick & Dark

A person with thick and dark eyebrows is very active and friendly. They like to have parties and treat their friends. However, when they are 31 to 34 years of age, they will encounter disruptions or hardships. If they work hard, their hardship will turn into essential training for later events in their life. (Hmmm, which kain thing be this…)

Light Brows

Females with light and sparse brows make good assistants. They are more detail oriented and will follow directions to the letter. In addition, they know how to organize their work and make good arrangements for different situations and events. (Ok, this seems a lot like me…)


A person with a straight horizontal brow has extremely strong convictions. They will hold to their own beliefs no matter what. They will argue for it until it is the only conviction. (A little bit like me…)

Pointed Upwards

People with brows that points upward have very strong work ethics and will ask the same of others. They are generally regarded as leadership material. (Thinking)

Broken Brow


If a person has a disruption in their eyebrows, this means they lack connections to their siblings. This includes siblings who have passed away. In addition, they will encounter disruptions especially at the age of 31 to 34. (I remember Dakore Egbuson-Akande used to have disruptions in her brows, does this mean she lacks connection to her siblings… Dakore please let us know if this is right)


A person with a unibrow will not have the best of luck before 30. It is possible that they didn’t have a good learning environment or had grades that were just passing. Thus they would not have much luck at the early stages of their life. In addition, the hairs cover the space between the brows, which is a focal point in a person’s energy and spirit. This will affect their mood and behavior. Resolving this is actually rather easy, just pluck the hairs to reverse the downward trend of luck.


If the hairs on the eyebrows curl in a circle at one point or another, that means the personal relationships between siblings are not that strong. In addition, for this particular type of eyebrow, from 31 to 40 years of age, a person will have many bad influences around them.

Different Length/Shape/Position

If one eyebrow is definitely higher, longer, or straighter than the other, this means this person will have more than one father or more than one mother. In addition from 31 to 34 years of age, their fortune will be turbulent, sometimes good, sometimes bad. (God forbid, please repair ur brows if u have this)

Thin and Moon Shaped

If the eyebrows are thin and moon shaped, this indicates this person is gentle and considerate. For women, it also means they are more traditional when it comes to marriage, raising children, and so forth. They also have good work ethics and will have a good chance of promotions when they are 31 to 34 years of age.

Big Mess

If the eyebrows resemble a big mess, that means they aren’t good at keep money. This is a money-loss eyebrow. Even if other facial features indicate good fortunes, the money-loss brow is a low point that is hard to overcome.


If there is a mole within the eyebrow, it is generally a good sign. A person with this kind of eyebrows will be well off. If it’s hardly visible, it means that their wealth is not ostentatious, that people rarely know they have money. If the mole is large and prominent, it is just like showing everyone your wealth. Others will attempt to usurp it from you, and therefore this brow indicates an inability to save. To overcome this, they must be very careful and pretend to be lacking in their savings while putting a set amount away every single time.

So what eyebrow shapes were you born with and what shapes would you like to have based on these predictions? Let us know

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