2Face Endorses Haven Homes; buys not 1 but 2 Haven Homes

Our most loved couple Mr & Mrs. 2Face Idibia has acquired two luxurious homes from the leading home designers in Nigeria Haven Homes. This expensive endorsement by the couple will see “Haven Homes” being much sort after by the rich and famous who can afford to enjoy the exotic lifestyle homes sold by Haven Homes.

In a press statement which followed the Exchange of Contracts ceremony that took place at the Magodo Office of Haven Homes, the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Mr Tayo Sonuga commented:

“There is little need restating the fact that we build for celebrities and high society people. They are in the best position to appreciate our alluring designs and beautiful homes because they are widely travelled; they have the tastes and the means to acquire what they desire. The confidence displayed by 2Face in buying not just one but two units of properties from us is a watershed of our achievement in creating lifestyle homes and earning our reputation as celebrity developers”.

2Face had this to say

“Haven Homes build very beautiful homes that are fast becoming a trend among celebrities. You will marvel at the increasing number of celebrities who are buying and living in their lifestyle homes. I have only identified with a very good product that is fully made in Nigeria and as its ambassador I will promote the company and take the brand to other celebrities”.

Click here to read all about Haven Homes and view pictures from their showroom in Lekki.



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3 Responses to "2Face Endorses Haven Homes; buys not 1 but 2 Haven Homes"

  1. concernednaijagal says:

    I love the Idibias and I am happy for Annie to see her dream come true. However, I think she should have gotten her “boo” to select another style of home. Haven Homes are hideous looking set of monstrosities – I do not like their squarish designs. They try sha, but their houses are too sqaure looking for me. I think the purchase of these home is some kind of PR stunt from the company, it must have been buy one and get one free.

  2. duohuicn says:

    Batman ten


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