Rihanna Leaks V Magazine Photos – Nude Again

24 year old world Pop sensation Rihanna has leaked photos from her photo-shoot with V Magazine. The Barbadian singer has been on an internet rave this week following pictures of her posing nude in a US Men’s Magazine GQ, December 2012 issue.

Unlike her sexy submissive poses in the GQ photos, RiRi has taken a more dominating role in V; the Dominatrix takes control of British Super Model Kate Moss in mouth watering shots that make the GQ photos look like a child’s play.

V Magazine have however expressed disappointment that the photo were leaked before their scheduled release. This is what they had to say:

“It is an unfortunate case that these images were prematurely leaked, which is becoming a more prevalent issue within the industry. While we don’t condone what has happened, we are beyond excited to have gotten these two icons of music and fashion together for such a beautiful shoot. This is just a taste of all of the fabulousness that awaits in the March 2013 issue.”

Here are some of the pictures. Enjoy.

Click here to View Rihanna’s Nude Pictures for GQ Magazine




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One Response to "Rihanna Leaks V Magazine Photos – Nude Again"

  1. Engnr Oree Abdulahi says:

    Na her life she dey life, apart na money wey she gat dey disturb her.


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