Funke Akindele – Oloyede’s camp debunks pregnancy rumours

Funke Akindele-Oloyede’s camp has reacted to rumors sparked by News of the People claiming that the actress had lost her four months old pregnancy. The actress was also spotted with a tiny stomach bump at an event, which sparked a lot of rumors online that Funke was in her first trimester.

A friend of the actress opened up and here’s what she had to say;

Funke was never pregnant! Just a lot of food sometimes. Funke is not pregnant yet. She has chosen to be silent on the true state of her condition because in Yoruba culture, it is more of a taboo for a married woman to publicly denounce or confirm if she’s pregnant or not. This is a private affair and that’s why she was so amused and even surprised about the story claiming that she lost her pregnancy.”




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  1. dnt mind people u wl always fyn and pretty ....afunky baby says:

    maroof horlatunde.


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