Jackie Appiah Separates from Husband After 3 Years Of Marriage

According to unconfirmed reports, Ghanaian actress – Jackie Appiah has divorced her husband of 3 years. Jackie  got married to Peter Agyemang and their relationship has been the subject of a few rumours. Some claim that Jackie’s success and fame has left Peter very insecure; others claim that Peter thinks Jackie’s cheating on him. The couple have a son together. Whatever the case, we hope and pray that they’re able to sort things out.



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9 Responses to "Jackie Appiah Separates from Husband After 3 Years Of Marriage"

  1. Elsie says:

    I like Jackie very much, Please girl what ever problem it is try and solve it with your husband cause GOD don’ t want divorce, I love you girl you are my number 1 ACTRESS

  2. myiva kamba says:

    Hello my sister I love you to much I’m congolaise I try to speaker english but french better
    C’etait juste pour partage avc toi la douleur
    Pour moi tu es une femme te aussi une mere
    Vraiment ce male mais que sa soit la grandeur de probleme a moi chez ce pas main I’ll faut toujour pardonner
    Pour l’amour Dieu because vous avais declere devand Dieu pour the best et pure
    Please pardonner

  3. Thandazo says:

    Hi Jackie i lyk u very much.I pray to God dat what ever it is dat made u seek a divorve be sorted cc pls.

  4. dotto magwala says:

    we love you despite that you have divorced your husband because of your own reasons but we still appreciate you for what you are doing in your career

  5. prisca says:

    i love u jackie please find ur happiness i love u

    stay safe

  6. Anonymous says:

    Happines comes first, if you are not happy find happines my dear


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