Sick for Beauty?

Back in 2004/2005 when it was a thing of luxury to have a make-up artist for your wedding, I happened to be on a friend’s bridal train and she had one!!! I was super excited cos I was going to have my face done by a professional! I got to the house early and planned to be the first on the line after the bride and her chief BM, I didn’t want long story!!! After about an hour, finally it was my turn! With so much happiness and excitement I sat down and got my face pimped up! I was beaming with smiles because she did a super job, but not for too long! After about 10 mins or so, my eyes started itching really bad and then my whole face followed suit. I couldn’t understand what was going on and I had no plans on spoiling my make-up  but it only got worse. By the next day my eyes were red and swollen. I had contacted conjunctivitis (APOLLO).

Won’t it be a shame if that which we beautify ourselves with make us sick? Gone are the days when women will knowingly bring harm to themselves just to look beautiful. The way you take care of your make-up and tools will determine how it takes care of you! treat it like trash and it’ll turn to a bacteria breeding ground.

Today I will be talking about hygiene!!! How to keep our make-up and make-up tools clean. So here are a few tips on how to take good of your wakeup and tools so that you don’t contact and spread bacteria all in the name of looking beautiful.

Always clean your tools after every use, I recommend using methylated spirit because it contains a very high level of alcohol and the higher the alcohol content, the cleaner the brush. If alcohol is too harsh on your tools, you can make your own make-up brush cleaner at home.

After using your eye-shadows, powder, blush spray with alcohol and store in a dry place. Try not to share your mascara and powder puff, if you must, do so with a disposable mascara wand and powder puff. Clean lipsticks with baby wipes after every use and sharpen all your pencils before or after using them. And lastly, store you make up in a clean moist free place.

Doing these things will go a long way to keep you healthy while beautifying yourself!

Always remember, beauty is not worth being sick for. Its only when you are healthy that you can actually beautify yourself. So keep it clean and safe!!! Have a blessed day!

Yours beautifully,

Ify Onwuka



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Ifeyinwa Onwuka a practicing lawyer and makeup enthusiast. In her spare time, she offers bridal/day, fashion and character makeup services. Ifeyinwa is a guest writer at
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