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Hello People, its me again and today I’ll be telling you how to make full lips appear smaller with makeup!

I have gotten into a lot of arguments with clients about if its okay to flaunt “watcha mama gave ya” or fake it. Personally I like to celebrate all those things that make you different, so when I get hold of a client I try to enhance her beautiful features. Some love it while some others hate it, and when I meet such client, I have to whip out wand and do some magic.

Here are the steps to follow to make full lips appear smaller;

Firstly, cover the lips lightly with foundation, just enough to blur the edges.

Then line the lips with a liner inside their natural edge and blend inward with a lip brush.

Put your lip colour on the lips and be careful so that it doesn’t extend beyond the line drawn.

Its best to use a matte textured lipstick. Avoid lipsticks with shimmers, bright colours and too much gloss; this is because they will make the lips appear fuller. Finally, go for warm colours when choosing a lip colour.

And with that, you are armed and ready to perform magic!

I hope this has been useful.

Yours beautifully,

Ify Onwuka



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Ifeyinwa Onwuka a practicing lawyer and makeup enthusiast. In her spare time, she offers bridal/day, fashion and character makeup services. Ifeyinwa is a guest writer at www.gistus.com.
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