Take My Hand – Ijeoma

Wow!!! This month would definitely be recorded as one of the busiest months in the history of the Nigerian music industry. Here’s another track by Ijeoma titled Take My Hand, written and produced by Gray J’onz. We love it and think you would too. Enjoy!!

Ijeoma was a contestant on MTN Project Fame in 2008 and has released several tracks including Olomi.


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Everytime I hear my heart speak
All I hear is you
My heart is skipping beats
Cos of what I feel for you
And I feel my body getting numb
I know I sound so dumb
Baby I do not care
As long as you’re the one
Staying by my side
We’ll fly into the sky
On the wings of love,
Baby please!
Don’t let go of my hand,let us go into the realm of love,
A place for us

Baby take my hand
Take my hand
Baby take my hand
Take my hand
Take my hand

I have been waiting,for the day that you will see me as the one
And I cannot wait much longer
So baby make you take my hand,
let me show you that I can
make you feel love
Make you feel love,ama make you feel love
Make you see us,flying together to the place
Hmmm hmmm
A special place for us,let me be the one who’ll take you there…

Baby take my hand
Take my hand
Baby take my hand
Take my hand
Take my hand

Pls take my hand ’cos

I wanna show ,I wanna show you colors of love
I wanna be,I wanna be right there when you call
Take my hand,we can fly away
To the place of love,let me be the one to take you there

Baby take my hand
Take my hand
Baby take my hand
Take my hand

I love you love you adore you
’Cos you’re my only(3x)
Take my hand,take my hand,oh baby!



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8 Responses to "Take My Hand – Ijeoma"

  1. dada says:

    great song….keep up the good work

  2. solomon says:

    i’ve followed you right from MTN project Fame…girl u are good.

  3. victor says:

    lovely lovely song…..#Baby Take My Hand

  4. kayside says:

    go girl….on point

  5. Goblin Segun says:

    looking forward to the video of this song…Great Song

  6. seun says:

    very well done….ijeoma all the way


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