President Jonathan’s brother laid to rest

President Goodluck Jonathan’s brother, Meni Jonathan, who died at the age of 47 after suffering a cardiac arrest on the 20th of November (President Goodluck Jonathan’s birthday), has been laid to rest. He was buried yesterday in his home town, Otuoke in Ogbia council area of Bayelsa State after a solemn funeral service at St. Stephen’s Anglican Church.

President Jonathan described his younger brother’s death as a big blow to his family and a painful loss of an effective pillar that had been holding forth for him on the home front. Jonathan, who addressed sympathizers shortly after the church service, said;

I immediately suspected that something was wrong. This was a young man who came to my house on a Friday, nobody carried him, he moved down just from his house across the road. We discussed, he was a bit frail. I said, follow us so that he can do a medical check up. He himself drove down to Yenagoa to board the chopper to Abuja. He got to Abuja that Saturday and was admitted in the hospital. The following Monday, his breathing changed. I said, let us make arrangement to get him out, to let him get treatment outside. So an arrangement was being done, unfortunately, the following day he had cardiac arrest and an inflamed heart at the State House clinic.

We were making arrangement to move him to the National Hospital. It is a very sad thing; he had been covering the home front for us. He was a very humble person. He was a reliable and trustworthy person that you can ask to handle things for you. He is dead; there is nothing we can do. I must thank all of you who have come to join the Jonathan family to give us this respect.

He was very young, too minor. God knows the best. It is not how long you stay on earth, but the little impact you make matters. His death has brought the business, academic, political class, religious groups to console us. We pray God will give us the fortitude.

Meni Jonathan, until his death, was the chairman of Otuoke chiefs council; he is survived by two sons. May his soul rest in peace. Amen.




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