Single Mother, Waje on Cover of TW Magazine, December 2012 Edition

Nigerian music sensation Waje has taken time out to show off her beauty and tell us a bit about her life’s journey on TW Magazine. Like a few other Nigerian celebrities, Waje’s rise to the top was not without it’s spikes and thorns. She has blossomed into a beautiful rose regardless of the many thorns that surrounded her.

In this month’s edition, Waje shares her life experiences and decisions that have  made her a strong artist and a better woman. In the interview with Adesuwa of TW Magazine, Waje listed a couple of things about her that would interest you:

1. Waje had to grow up early when at age 9, her parents got divorced.

2. She got pregnant at age 17 and decided to keep the baby which she named Favour.

3. Her singing career started when she was discovered singing in church by Chris Madubuko in 2001.

4. She hopes to win a Grammy. It would be a sign of having achieved all she set out to achieve.

5. She is an advocate of girl power!!! :D

Waje’s honesty is quite refreshing and real. Find out more about her by reading TW Magazine December 2012 Edition.

Waje on TW Magazine Dec 2012 - Copy



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