Nollywood Stars are Hypocrites – Stella Damasus Rants

We were all sadden to hear the death of Nollywood’s top act Enebeli Elebuwa. Nollywood actress Stella Damasus has lashed out about the Nollywood culture of celebrating their colleagues in death instead of offering help to keep them alive.

The Nollywood actor was critically ill for a long-time before receiving financial help from the Delta State Government to get the necessary treatment he needed. He was flown to India for immediate treatment but died of a partial stroke early this month.

Here is what she had to say:

“ I’m very angry because the people in my industry are hypocrites. That man was ill for a long time in Lagos and they turned it into a fanfare. People would go and visit him and take pictures with him, post it on Twitter, on Facebook and on their blogs. They used it to make people feel that they are philanthropists but nobody lifted a finger to take care of him or help his family. They are more interested in politics. Who would be President, how they can visit dignitaries who would dash them money. Nobody cares about the elderly people in the industry. We know how to celebrate people when they die, but when they are alive what do we do for them, especially the sick ones? The Delta state government eventually sponsored him to India. I’m just very pained.“



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6 Responses to "Nollywood Stars are Hypocrites – Stella Damasus Rants"

  1. Elijah says:

    It is true what stella has said, i like watching nigerian films and the nollywood stars ,i thought this pipo they do help each other but they don’t. write now another nollywood actress by the name of Ngozi nwosu needs 6 million niras to go abroad for treatment who is going to help her?

  2. millicent onyeisu says:

    eyaa is too bad for pple not to show love to their colleages but if someone dies they will act as if they love the person ,too bad to hear pls repent…..

  3. Mark Hesse says:

    eyaaa I can fill your pain Stella I can. RIP. Godfather.

  4. muthoni says:

    i totaly agree with you stella.we Kenyans are watchin Nolltwood Celebrities….very closely…espclly top ones like Genny, Omotolola, Ramsey, Desmont, Mercy jonson, Ini, Tonto, e.t.c. We did not hear from them during Enebelis sickness.but in Red Carpet, we saw them shinning too much….Its Unfrtntly…am Disappntd in ths celebrities…God 4forbid


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