Argentinian Twin Agrees To Marry Her Sister’s Killer

Victor Cingolani (pictured above) was jailed for the 2010 murder of 19-year-old model Johana Casas (pictured with him above). Tomorrow December 22nd, her twin sister Edith (pictured above, right) will marry the killer in Pico Truncade, Argentina, close to the jail where he is serving 13 years for the murder of Johana.

Johana was shot dead days before her 20th birthday in August 2010. Her ex-boyfriend, Victor Cingolani, was convicted of her murder.

Edith Casas believes Victor is not guilty of murder, insisting that her future husband is the victim of a miscarriage of justice and is backing his appeal against his murder conviction.

She said:

‘Victor is not a violent person and I’m not mad. We’ve got no doubts about what we’re doing. We love each other.’

A second man, Johana’s boyfriend at the time of her murder, will go on trial next year over the killing.

Marcos Diaz was at a party with Johana hours before she appeared dead.

Lucas Chacon, Cingolani’s defence lawyer, insisted: ‘The cigarette butts found near Johana’s body belonged to Diaz and all the witnesses have incriminated him.

‘I can understand Johana’s parents’ attitude. But Edith is not marrying a killer or anything like it.
‘She is marrying a man who was convicted in a judicial scandal. All we want is justice.’

The twin’s mother Marcelina said her surviving daughter was guilty of a ‘terrible betrayal’. She said Edith was suffering psychological problems and she feared Cingolani would take her life too.



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