Grace Amah opens up – “I’ve not seen my baby daddy in a while”

Nollywood Actress, Grace Amah opens up about being a single mother in the Nigerian society. Many women face discrimination and racism in Nigeria for having children out of wedlock; the culture and religion preaches that it is an abomination to be caught in this unfortunate situation. Grace speaks on how she copes with her sexual desires as a single mother in a long distance relationship. Here is what she had to say:

“I have not seen the father of my child in a while. I live here (Nigeria) and he lives abroad (UK), though we talk on the phone often. I come from a very strict family so my parents were a little disappointed when I got pregnant because they were hoping I would get married first but you would have to agree with me that it’s not everybody that has to get married before having a child. It happened, and I wouldn’t because I have to get married first abort my child. Being a single mother is not easy but I manage. How do I deal with my sexual feelings since he’s not here? That’s when the phone comes in. When I hear him, it’s all fine. It may not work for other people that way, but it works for me. And there’s no truth in the reports that my man is a married man. I don’t go for married men and to the best of my knowledge he’s not married”. – Actress Grace Amah said in a recent interview



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7 Responses to "Grace Amah opens up – “I’ve not seen my baby daddy in a while”"

  1. oge says:

    Try ur best and pray always for GODS grace

  2. nana says:

    my dear 4get people do wat u think is right.may God c u thru.


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