Unapproved Virginity Test Conducted on Pupils of Ajuwon Senior High School

A Fifteen-year-old, one of the victims of the virginity test allegedly conducted on pupils of Ajuwon Senior High School, Ajuwon, Ifo Local Government Area, Ogun State, spoke with Punch correspondent, Temitayo Famutimi.

What happened in your school on December 10, 2012?

Rev. Olufunke Oladeojobi, our school principal (pictured inset), came to some Senior Secondary School One classes and announced that she would be conducting virginity test on us. She marched us with the assistance of some members of staff into her office and thereafter conducted the test on us.

What do you think prompted her to conduct the test?

Our principal is a disciplinarian and she always lament on the assembly ground that she used to receive reports that we (female pupils) were in the habit of sleeping around with our classmates and technicians.

Did she force the test on you?

Yes, it was like a form of compulsion because she went after some of us who ran away after claiming to be virgins and compelled them to take the test. At least I know two of them like that. The first person who did the test was in that category. She didn’t do it willingly.

How many of you did the test?

Ten of us but initially, she said she was going to conduct the test on all the pupils who claimed to be virgins but she stopped after she discovered a pupil who had lost her virginity from the first group comprising 10 pupils.

Where did the test take place and how many people conducted it?

The test was carried out in the principal’s office. A bed was placed on the floor of the office and our principal and two other nurses were there with two other members of staff. One of the nurses works in our school’s sick bay while the other nurse was invited.

Who conducted the test on you?

It was the resident nurse in our school that conducted the test on me. Our principal was at the door entrance and she (the principal) ushered me in when it got to my turn.

How was the test conducted?

The resident nurse removed the glove she used for the person before me and wore another one. She positioned me on the bed, removed my pants, spread my legs and observed my private parts with her eyes. She then dipped two fingers into my private parts. The principal was beside her that time and the nurse told her (principal) that I was a virgin.

What was your principal’s reaction when the nurse said you are a virgin?

The principal said I should not mess around with boys and she gave me an Ogun State Government customised exercise book.

Did you lose blood after the test?

I did not lose blood but I heard that some people lost blood. I left the vicinity of the principal’s office after the test was conducted on me.

Did she conduct the test on those who were menstruating?

No she didn’t. They asked them to go whenever they noticed it and gave them exercise books.

How did you feel after the test?

I didn’t understand the gravity of the incident until our senior colleagues in school started threatening to cause mayhem after the test. I told my mum when I got home.

What did the principal do to the person who was discovered to have lost her virginity?

When I came back for my bag, I saw the girl who was said to have lost her virginity kneeling down in her office and I saw the principal talking tough. She wrote down her name on the black board in her office and announced verbally that she had been suspended.

The principal has since been suspended. I think she should be arrested. She’s scarred some of these young girls for life!



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