Sharon Ezeamaka – Biography

Sharon Ezeamaka is known as one of the rising stars in the Nigerian Film industry (Nollywood) as she has been acting since she was 5 years old and she definitely is on top of the list of Nollywood’s best child actors. She is very articulate and wise beyond her years and it’s always a pleasure to watch and listen to her.

In the movie Little Angel, Sharon Ezeamaka plays the leading role convincing from start to finish. Her performance inflicts a great deal of emotion. Intense moments are brought to the surface through the effective portrayal of painful circumstances, delivered through good acting. She definitely has a very promising and great future ahead in acting as she is currently being offered lead roles in upcoming TV and movie productions.

On the flip side, Sharon is also a very talented designer as well as a talented singer and currently performs on Thursday and Friday nights weekly at Bogobiri House, Ikoyi with the house band.


  • Little Angel
  • Romantic Attraction
  • Burning Desire 1 & 2
  • Broken Marriage
  • Peace of Mind 1&2




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6 Responses to "Sharon Ezeamaka – Biography"

  1. Faustina says:

    Sharon keep it up i wish we could be best of friends,go nd excel for de sky is ur limit luv u my nomba 07060986115

  2. zinizini says:

    Bby just continue,,u ar a moving train….dnt ever listen to rumors r dirty blogs just carry God is by ur side
    and remember to put God first

  3. Matthew Dickson says:

    beautiful shar shar wish you all the best, great work you’re doing. My love for you though


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