What Do Women Want? – Toke Makinwa

On air personality, Toke Makinwa answers the question, What do women want? Her conclusion is that ‘women don’t actually know what they want. So guys should just take us as we are.’ Do you agree?



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One Response to "What Do Women Want? – Toke Makinwa"

  1. chidinma says:

    Hy Toke,am in love wif a guy who has a girlfriend and he said he wants us to keep thing cool becos of his galfriend and he respects her to break up wif her…am confuse…he said he loves me,he wants to care and be errfin to me buh the fin is he can’t date her and me together….that we shud stay cool and watch hw fins go….shud I stay with him or shud I just leh him be wif his galfriend


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