Kim Kardashian has been offered ‘$250,000 to document pregnancy on website’

Baby Kimye might just be the most lucrative baby ever!!! Kim Kardashian has been made a substantial offer to document the remaining months of her pregnancy on a specialist pregnancy website. David Dginguerian, an Armenian filmmaker, wants to launch a membership-only website called And he’s got his sights set on Kim, 32, who is of Armenian descent, to be its gestating poster girl.

In a pitch letter to Kim secured by Radar Online, Dginguerian suggests such a site could ‘generate $100,000 a month,’ with the money going to the ‘Christian Charity’ of Kim’s choice. And as a sweetener, Kim – who is pregnant by boyfriend Kanye West, 35, and due in late June, is being offered $250,000 as a ‘signing bonus.’ Kanye was out searching for gifts to shower her with on Friday. He was spotted looking for a gift in posh shops in New York City – first at Kirna Zabete and then Louis Vuitton.

Kanye shopping for pregnant Kim Kardashian Kanye shopping for pregnant Kim Kardashian1

Kim, on the other hand was flaunting her pregnancy body at an event in Calgary, Alberta on Friday. The reality television star was not holding back in her outfit choice as she hosted the Cowboy’s Iced event at a nightclub in the city. She wore a knee high skirt, skimpy black blouse and sheer top as she towed the line between racy and conservative. And she perhaps leaned closer to the former, as her lacy black bra was clearly visible through her top. Kim is believed to be 12 weeks into her pregnancy. But the star nonetheless opted for towering black stilettos to top off her ensemble.

Kim Kardashian pregnant1Kim Kardashian pregnant

Source: Daily Mail



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