Tonto Dikeh goes blonde for music video

Nollywood actress & singer, Tonto Dikeh posted the following pictures on Twitter earlier today. We think they might be pictures from a video shoot for one of her singles but who knows. Check them out!!!

Blonde Tonto Dikeh Blonde Tonto Dikeh1 Blonde Tonto Dikeh2 Blonde Tonto Dikeh3 Blonde Tonto Dikeh4 Tonto Dikeh Poko Baby Tonto DikehTonto Dikeh music video Tonto Dikeh music video1 Tonto Dikeh music video2 Tonto Dikeh music video3 Tonto Dikeh music video4 Tonto Dikeh music video5 Tonto Dikeh music video6



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8 Responses to "Tonto Dikeh goes blonde for music video"

  1. Arinze Innocent says:

    I think she needs Divine intervention.

  2. Chukwudi Anyanwu says:

    Hope her body is not exposed more this? Though she is beautiful in her new pics.

  3. williams says:

    the pics are ok but those heels are sexy and dangerous

  4. Anonymous says:

    poko baby,u don try hoo.


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