Female Principal to Undergo Psychiatric Test for Tampering with Girls’ Virginity

The principal of Ajuwon Senior High School, Rev. Olufunke Aladeojobi, who conducted ‘illegal’ virginity tests on pupils of the school, would be made to undergo a psychiatric examination, the Ogun State government said on Tuesday.

Commissioner for Education, Segun Odubela, said the government made the decision after considering the recommendations of the review panel set up to appraise the work of the committee that investigated the actions of the female principal.

Odubela in a statement said Aladeojobi would be sacked if the outcome of the test revealed that she was of unsound mind adding that if otherwise, she would only be demoted and redeployed to the State Teaching Service Commission.

Odubela said she would

“be demoted from grade level 16 to grade level 15 and recalled back to the Teaching Service Commission headquarters if found to be sane.”

He added that the two nurses who joined the principal in conducting the test have been “immediately redeployed” from the school, while both of them would be referred to the state ministry of health for necessary disciplinary action.

Odubela disclosed that “The affected students are also to be referred to the state General Hospital for proper medical check-up and counseling.”
It would be recalled that Rev (Mrs) Aladeojobi was said to have on December 10 invited a nurse to the school to carry out virginity test on a group of 10 pupils.

During the test, it was alleged that she the two nurses dipped their fingers into the pupils’ private parts. The matter got out of hand when one of the pupils started bleeding after the act.


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