Tips For Dressing Your Age While Maintaining Mystery.

Every woman wants to look her best, knowing that how she looks is important to how she’s perceived. In the business world, a woman who looks sloppy and under-dressed won’t be taken seriously because it appears she doesn’t take herself seriously. In the dating world it is about being enticing, but creating that sense of mystery.

Every year and at every age a woman faces new challenges. It’s about looking her age while still knowing how to present a hint of mysterious appeal with every wardrobe. She doesn’t want to look too old or too young, yet she doesn’t want to look too revealing or overly conservative. It’s a unique challenge, but there are simple tips that will transform your wardrobe to appealing and alluring no matter what age you are.

In Your Teens
How to dress at a teen

The challenge here is covering up. Most of the clothes made for the younger woman are simple, small, and revealing. It’s the style. You don’t want to abandon that, but you want to compliment it with additional layers. If you’re used to wearing tank tops, find a sweater or a jacket to wear over it. Go bold with your style. Being young is about taking chances and make provocative fashion choices. So don’t be afraid to wear your Capri pants with a tank top.

In Your Twenties
How to dress in your Twenties

This is when your wardrobe starts to blend, as you are discovering that you aren’t into making the same bold fashion choices. Here’s where you should focus more on the overall look of your clothes, having a specific theme, color or style. But it’s not the time to go boring either. You’ve still got your young body, and there is nothing wrong with showing it off a bit. So, don’t be afraid to mix and match your wardrobe. If you go for a shorter skirt, contrast it with a polo shirt or a more conservative top.

In Your Thirties
How to dress in your Thirties

Here is where you should be transitioning from bold and revealing, to classic and sexy. Sexy isn’t about revealing yourself, it’s about hinting at what’s underneath. However, as time goes on for many men and women, what you have underneath might not look the same. So start wearing clothes that accentuate your better features and ignore your lesser ones. Don’t go baggy; it is a mistake to hide your figure with baggy clothes. The goal is to wear your correct size with style.

In Your Forties
How to dress in your Forties

This is all about being bold in small doses. This means taking your sophisticated look and splashing a bit of color on it. Adding a funky or fashionable accessory to your outfit is a good way to show style without appearing outdated. This is also a good time to show a little skin if you want. Wearing sleeveless tops or dresses is a great way to give yourself a youthful feel while making you feel comfortable.

Remember, there are always ways to look sexy and in style no matter what age you are.

This beautiful article was written by Zhena Fashion Nigeria.



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