Seun Kuti is not interested in marriage

The Afrobeat prince, who recently turned 30, was recently interviewed by Encomium magazine and he addressed the issue of why he’s still single.

No, I don’t do marriage. Anything that I stand the risk of potentially losing half of my earnings is not something I look forward to. Anything that has the potential of that for any reason whatsoever, I try not to indulge.



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11 Responses to "Seun Kuti is not interested in marriage"

  1. tola says:

    His such a fool,and a very big one at that,his still single? What of all the girls his dating….his just as stupid as he sounds when he opens his mouth to sing

  2. itepu okosun says:

    Marriage is about all sharing and caring for each other. I like the fact that he wants to sing like his father but he should get married like his father. His father almost shared every thing he had ,that is why he was loved by a lot of people.If Seun refuse to marry that means,he is selfish and stingy.
    He should also be very careful not be whitemail to be gay. What he saying now or doing is pro European and anti Africa,a total opposite of what his father stood for.

  3. Adesina Juliusmayowa says:

    Na him life…..he can never b fela so let him do whatever pleases him


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