What’s happened to Lil’Kim’s face?

Over the years, Lil’Kim’s appearance has changed, at times on a weekly basis. But Lil’ Kim looked completely unrecognisable as she stepped out in Hollywood last week. The 38-year-old rapper showed off yet another dramatically different look as she partied with pals in West Hollywood.

Lil'Kin & Mariah Carey in 1997

Lil’Kim & Mariah Carey in 1997

Lil'Kim's face Lil'Kin Lil'Kim & Miley Cyrus Lil'Kim



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3 Responses to "What’s happened to Lil’Kim’s face?"

  1. Folaranmi Ojo Bode says:

    Bleaching cream plus lots of concealer think she was trying to contour her face lol


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