Chris Attoh and Venita ‘Vee Zee’ Akpofure????

Are these two dating? Truth is we don’t know but they seem to be everywhere together and with these pictures flying about social media, they just might be

chris attoh and vee zee3 chris attoh and vee zee4 chris attoh and vee zee chris attoh and vee zee1 chris attoh and vee zee2chris attoh and vee zee5


Chris Attoh is an upcoming Ghanaian actor and Venita Akpofure (a.k.a. Vee Zee) is a video vixen.



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2 Responses to "Chris Attoh and Venita ‘Vee Zee’ Akpofure????"

  1. Mr smart udoka nnaemeka says:

    My dear make ur intention publicly becos it cant be hidden that is why life is mystrey its like love which has no defination and men are afraid of it becos great men have fallen instead of conquering it watch out for appreciatable character before proposing for decision taken are final may ur instinct guide u in your decision in life bye

  2. Adebayo Hammed says:

    Even want. It for nw butt hw. I get it nw


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