Exclusive Interview: Senator Musa Adede’s Daughter Launches Fashion Label Femme De Rose

We present to you the beautiful Aloye Adede, a Nigerian Fashion Designer on her way to change the meaning of fashion in the world. The amazing Aloye has launched her new label Femme De Rose in London and we had a little chat with her to get a little insight into her world as a Fashion Designer.

Femme De Rose, is a Victorian inspired label which take classic wardrobe staples, such as the blazer and adds a twist of color and style to create a show-stopping individual piece that lasts for life, not just for seasons. The label has an online custom made service allowing women to create their perfect blazer tailored to their exact size with all materials sourced from the UK (following in the footsteps of the famous Savile Row tailors).

The label has recently expanded to create ready to wear collections and will be announcing their second collection during London Fashion Week. The Collection is called Clans Originaux and is the first Femme De Rose collection to venture out of the blazer and towards dresses and play suits. Named after a volume published in Paris during the Victorian times by J. Claude Freres & Cie, Femme De Rose’s second collection ‘Clans Originaux’ is a celebration of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s love affair with Scotland. To celebrate this Aloye has created a collection of six statement Tartan pieces, keeping classic cuts yet putting a Femme De Rose twist on them.

Excerpt of the interview:

1. Tell us a bit about yourself?

I would describe myself as being the complete opposite of a Chameleon! Instead of fitting in with my environment I seem to always stand out. Being a stubborn individual, I have never liked the idea of following the crowd. Instead I’ve always followed my own branch of philosophy- following my heart, intuition and instinct.

I have loved to create for as long as I can remember and my creative vision and aspirations for both Eyola and Femme De Rose follow my anti-Chameleon frame of mind. Fashion to me is more than just the clothes and the aesthetics that go around it. My vision is to build a living fairy tale with Eyola and Femme De Rose; drawing inspiration from  nineteenth century art and culture right through to the influences that I have collected throughout my life.

2. What are three words that define your Label?
Three words, that’s quite a challenge! May I be cheeky and go for three phrases? Traditional craftsmanship. Modern tailoring. Timeless luxury.

3. What inspired you into the Fashion Industry?

I can’t say for sure. Fashion is something that just gave me goose bumps since I was a child. I loved every aspect of dressing up and creating new designs. If I really think about it I would say that fashion chose me because wherever I turn it’s the only thing I am drawn to!

4. Tell us five fashion Don’ts.

Honestly speaking I only have one fashion don’t and that is: following fashion trends. I never really got caught up in the “hype” of seasonal fashion, especially when most pieces that are “on trend” rarely suit my body shape or style. I think having a style icon or reference point is great as we all need to be inspired; but when one goes that further mile to try and imitate someone else, I feel like it’s a waste of individuality and taking for granted the gift of free will. It’s like Kurt Cobain’s famous saying:

“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.”

There is also another quote that has become my fashion mantra:

“A woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.” – Albert Einstein.

5. How do you stand out from the other established designers in the market today?

I believe that just by being myself and following my heart makes my designs and brand unparalleled. Looking at inventors and artists of the past, the ones that are still standing and inspirational today are the ones who did not follow the crowd. Take Elsa Schiaparelli and Paul Poiret for instance. They both went against the grain and that is what I am doing. I do not intentionally try to be different, I just do what feels natural to me and that is to create timeless pieces for women that allows and encourages them to honour and embrace their individuality.

6. How difficult is it to break into the Fashion Industry? Is everything down to ingenuity?

In my opinion the fashion industry is a more complex organism than it once was. The focus is not solely based upon inventive talent with PR and Marketing taking more of a centre stage. In my opinion, I believe originality is becoming less and less congratulated and the “hype” is beginning to outgrow true talent. Fashion has taken a somewhat dark route where creativity is now being replaced with mass produced and repetitive products. So for this reason I feel it is hard when a designer such as myself is trying to embrace the fundamental elements of fashion – a wearable piece of art, a collectable, timeless and treasured item.

7. Who is your style Icon?

I am having a style crush on Carine Roitfeld at the moment. I applaud her trademark style. She makes each outfit work for her and follows her own style code.

8. Do you have any Fashion predictions for 2013?

I’m not too sure to be honest. Perhaps just a good feeling. Will that do? I think we’re going to have a few surprises this year!



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4 Responses to "Exclusive Interview: Senator Musa Adede’s Daughter Launches Fashion Label Femme De Rose"

  1. Abi says:

    Just because your dad is a senator. Doesn’t mean you can do “fashion”.

  2. Ian McLeod says:

    Hi Aloye good luck and great success with your new fashion label say hello to your Dad we met with you both at the airfield earlier this year when you mentioned about learning to fly,just to let you know my daughter Emily is looking to study fashion in London when she leaves school,is there any work experience opportunities or advice you could give her ? Best Wishes Ian McLeod…

  3. Analyze THIS says:

    You BITCH!!

  4. john says:

    Hi. I’m sure you don’t know me but I’m your cousin and i want to say I’m happy and proud of u keep it up


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