‘You can’t keep a relationship without sex’ – Actress Tope Osoba

According to Yoruba actress -Tope Osoba, you can’t keep a relationship without sex. Here’s what she said in an interview below;

I think sex is meant to be enjoyed by two people who have serious feeling for each other. Sex is good, it is there for two lovers to enjoy themselves and share the secrets of their hearts. Premarital sex is okay as long as it is a safe sex. Our society allows  it. These days, you can hardly keep a relationship going without sex.

Do you agree?



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33 Responses to "‘You can’t keep a relationship without sex’ – Actress Tope Osoba"

  1. jobs says:

    so so true

  2. Anonymous says:

    relationship witout sex be like house without foundation, is’T good to hav sex wit safe

  3. asuquo blessing says:

    I believe her cos our society has changedm

  4. Queenbela Emmanuel says:

    dats true

  5. juliet akpobome says:

    that’s a lie from the pit of hell if it’s been permitted by our society God in heaven forbids it ok

  6. Sam wise says:

    True talk

  7. Anonymous says:

    Is forbiding by God.

  8. chamberlain ordorson says:

    God forbids it sure, but in our sociaty today & naturaly is true.

  9. Mariam i says:

    Is wrng

  10. Anonymous says:

    its obviously dat sex is meant to b njoyed bt d truth ther is dat is for husband and wife

  11. njoku ezinne says:

    it is totally wrong to engage in premarital sex,if ur guy can’t stay wtout sex then drop him bcus even the bible is against sex before marriage

  12. Dats nt tru...sex r meant dose whu r married...xo u cn av sex wen u r nt married...if d society permist buh God wil nt says:
  13. Doctor says:

    It’s a lie from the pit of hell, please be guided by the scriptures.

  14. karen says:

    Don’t see anything wrong in it, just play safe and be faithful to each other. Don’t mind all these deceptive fanatics that want to own God and Bible as their personal property. Them de do am.

  15. karen says:

    Is about time this issue of premarital sex shouldn’t be a hinge to marriage by all these hypocritical perfidious churches.

  16. njoku innocent egwuja says:

    permarital sex is rong

  17. Anonymous says:

    U are supose to b a model to people but from d look of tins and ur statement u are Ntin to writen good off

  18. shelex says:

    to dose dat believed. even pastors, imams wants a taste before buying it be honest dere is no ‘ONLY NIGERIAN GIRL’ may GOD forgive us all

  19. beauty says:

    A realationship can last long with or without sex

  20. Chioma says:

    Is true dat bible condem sex before marriage bt is very hard 2 see a guy dat will agree 2 dat even pastors want 2 taste first.

  21. Sarah says:

    U can have a relationship with out sex

  22. Yoyo says:

    Wit dis kind of mentality, hw will ur children Eva preserve deir virginity n pride for d one dey r 2 get married to. Ur counsel is coming from d middle of Satan’s chambers. U nid to repent if dat is how u ve been living ur life. God help us.

  23. lady Jj says:

    Am keeping many without sex.

  24. okoro chioma says:

    u live ur life the way u wnt cus u are answerable to dat, but pls stop confussn teenagers who have vision and dream of becoming virgins before they get married pls


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