Oscars 2013: Highlights of the event

The Oscars left us talking about so much from the amazing dresses on the red carpet, Jennifer Lawrence’s embarrassing fall, to the amazing performances. Anyways, here are some highlights from one of the most watched events in the world.

Amazing dresses

There were so many stunning dresses on the red carpet. So many colors, styles, cuts and frocks. As far as I’m concerned, Jennifer Lawrence was the Best Dressed Celebrity of the night. See more pictures from the Red Carpet here

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron

Anne Hathaway’s nipples

Just like Angelina Jolie’s right leg last year, Oscar-winner Anne Hathaway’s apparently ‘alert’ nipples inspired their own Twitter account and a flurry of cheeky hashtags. Well, I guess its a lesson for us girls. If you can’t wear a bra with your dress, then use nipple covers.

Anne Hathaway's nipples1 Anne Hathaway's nipples

Jennifer Lawrence falls on stage

Jennifer Lawrence fell as she walked up the steps to accept the award for Best Actress for her role “Silver Linings Playbook.” When she finally made it up the stage, she started her speech by referring to her fall, saying “You guys are just standing up because you feel bad that I fell over and that’s embarrassing. This is nuts.”

Jennifer Lawrence fall1 Jennifer Lawrence fall

The $45,000 goodie bag

In Nigeria, you get plastic bowls, packs of salt, etc as souvenirs. Well, this is the Oscars we’re talking about… A Los Angeles-based marketing firm handed out gift bags worth £45,000 to all the nominees and presenters at the prestigious event. Known as swag bags,  the goodie bag contained trips to Australia, Hawaii and Mexico, personal training sessions, condoms, a bottle of tequila, cosmetic treatments, acupuncture sessions and a one-year membership to London’s Heathrow Airport’s private VIP service.

Guests were also invited to enjoy four night stays at the exclusive Lizard Island resort on the Great Barrier Reef, which would usually cost £2,500. They were also given free hair care products by Phyto, skincare cosmetics by Lierac, a free £600 facelift procedure and, at the lower end of the scale, a £2 bottle of Windex glass cleaning fluid. Brands and manufacturers hope that the celebrities will be seen wearing or using their products and ensure free publicity.





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