My Oga at the Top: Full Interview

I’m sure you’ve all seen the ‘My Oga at the Top’ video. There have been so many viral pictures going round the internet and at some point, I thought people were taking things a bit out of order, so I decided to watch the full interview.

obafaiye shem oga-at-the-topobafaiye shem Oga at the top nscdc nsdc obafaiye shem obafaiye shem 2 obafaiye shem1

My oga at the top Obafaiye Shem6 My oga at the top Obafaiye Shem1 My oga at the top Obafaiye Shem2 My oga at the top Obafaiye Shem3 My oga at the top Obafaiye Shem4 My oga at the top Obafaiye Shem5

What’s funny is that the actual interview was to address the issue of employment fraud being carried out through certain websites (the NSCDC – Nigerian Security Civil Defence Corps being one of such websites). I am amazed by the fact that this guy – Obafaiye Shem, who happens to be the Commandant didn’t even know the actual website address of his own organisation. Anyways, why am I surprised, he said himself that he had never visited the website because he has only been working in Lagos for 3 months.

If the interview was about something else, I guess it would have been okay. But how can someone who’s at the helm of affairs attend a live TV interview without such basic information as the correct website. I mean, he had the audacity to say ‘I can’t be in all departments. It is someone’s job to report on the website.’ Does the NSCDC even have a Public Relations department or is there a Public Relations Officer? You all need to watch the entire interview… I’m done talking. This Obafaiye Shem guy really had no clue what he was talking about.

Here are a few things I picked up on.

  • NSCDC – stands for Nigerian Security Civil Defence Corps. Obafaiye Shem ensured he read out the full meaning of NSCDC at every given opportunity. Heaven knows what happened with using abbreviations
  • Obafaiye Shem is the Commandant of the Lagos state arm alone so please don’t ask him about anything outside Lagos state. Even though he probably won’t have any sensible answer to provide about issues in Lagos state,
  • There are some Oga’s in Abuja or Oga’s at the top who have answers to almost every question. I wonder why these Oga’s didn’t bother attending this interview
  • Apparently, all websites that have been fraudulently opened will be automatically closed (Like seriously in 2013)
  • The interviewer (in the red tie) couldn’t believe his ears…
  • The female interviewer had a terrible cold and shouldn’t have been on set saying ‘Excuse me’ each time she sneezed during a live broadcast.



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18 Responses to "My Oga at the Top: Full Interview"

  1. Olusegun A. George says:

    Let still thank God, the man didn't includes "@" into the webside.

  2. factor says:

    If I comment now,my oga @ d top will be angry lol

  3. Chex 4rm unizik says:

    My oga @ d top said dat oau students ‘r olodos….lol

  4. kkayode says:

    Nigeria as a country is getting Funny. For your last point admin,the lady has to fake up laughter with a sigh of sneeze

  5. enyimba says:

    My brother u have jst said it all,its always good for one to have little knowledge and primary idea of his or her duty post.may God help us in dis country nigeria

  6. Anonymous says:

    quite unfortunate

  7. amedu omoye says:

    Sorry, I cannot remember my name at this time. Let me contact my dad.

  8. qoyum says:

    don’t knw wah 2 say jaweyy

  9. kohkoh says:

    gudmoning; please i will really apreciate if i could get a full video of ‘my oga at the top ‘ interview.tanks


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