Joseph Benjamin, Uru Eke, Nobert Young & Yemi Solade star in new Nollywood movie ‘Darkside’

‘Darkside’ is a movie directed by Bayo Alawiye, which features Joseph Benjamin , Bayo Alawiye, Uru Eke, Nobert Young, Yemi Solade, KC Ejelonu  and Sylvia Udeogu. Darkside is a story of betrayal, greed, desperation and darkness so blinding it leaves you wondering what the world has become. The movie was written by Tijani Balogun and is produced by Bayo Alwaiye.

DARKSIDE Dark-Side Darkside-2 Darkside (Nigerian movie


Before Sir Richard Awala passed on, he made sure Bankole, his only child got married to his one-time best friend’s daughter, Deola. Without a trace of love, they walk down the aisle. An accident, however, leaves Bankole Awala blind, and Deola gets constantly irritated by the situation. Apart from the burden of now living with a blind man she doesn’t love, Deola has a secret of her own – Kayode, Bankole’s best friend, is her lover. In one of their raunchy moments, Sheila – a disgruntled ex-employee – reappears to claim certain entitlements from her former boss only to find his wife and his best friend in an entanglement of lust.  In a quick twist of fate, the three of them become allies. They now plot to murder Bankole. The plan is to make it look like natural death. Kayode is apprehensive, Deola is eager, and Sheila cannot wait to lay her hands on the kind of money she’d only dreamed of – over two hundred billion naira cash deposit in Bankole’s account and a multi-billion naira gas kingdom of the Awalas! Are they going to get their way?

Darkside premieres this May.



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  1. Passy says:

    Omo, this movie go bad gaan ni o.


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