Glo Unveils New Strapline

As Globacom prepares to celebrate its 10th anniversary on the 29th of August this year, the company has unveiled a new strap line to reaffirm  its brand promise to consumers. Aptly tagged “Unlimited”, the new strap line encapsulates Glo’s commitment to enabling the subscriber achieve his dreams and desires. It embodies Glo’s attitude towards its stakeholders and its commitment to be always there for them; facilitating the realization of their desires anywhere in the world, through the company’s world-class network.
Glo ambassadors, Desmond Elliot, Funke Akindele, Odunlade Adekola, Uche Jombo-Rodriguez and Sammy Okposo

Speaking at the launch of the new strap line in Lagos on Wednesday, March 20, Group Chief Operating Officer, Mohamed Jameel, said the new pay-off line marks a natural progression in the growth of the Glo brand identity and represents the unparalleled commitment of the company to its subscribers.

He explained that “Glo will offer subscribers the power to achieve and excel. It means that with Glo, they can realise their dreams and achieve infinite possibilities. To do this, Glo will give them unfettered access to the best tools that will enhance their productivity and energize their professional and social connections”.
Globacom's Tunde Kaitell, Mr Fidelis Ajibogun and Glo ambassador Lagbaja
“Unlimited” underscores the essence of the brand’s belief in the consumer in the sense that our subscribers are operating without boundaries in their attitude and altitude towards what they can achieve in life. It means that consumers can therefore go all out, pulling out all the stops in the drive towards achieving their objectives because Glo is always there to make it happen”, he said. He said that the new pay-off line also represents Glo’s attitude towards its management, staff and indeed all stakeholders because anything positive they seek is possible and Glo shall always be there for them, facilitating the achievement of their desires.
“Conversely, it is also an expression of our determination to go more than the extra mile to surpass the expectation of subscribers. “This means that our staff will always put their best foot forward in their efforts to satisfy our key stakeholders including customers, business partners and host communities with whom they interact from day-to-day”, he stated.
Jameel further explained that the new strap line captures the relevance of the Glo brand promise to its various stakeholders as well as staff after the monumental success of previous strap lines such as “Glo with Pride” and “Rule your World”. He said that starting with the pay-off line, Glo with Pride at launch, Glo promoted and built a sense of pride in every Nigerian by providing a world class indigenous telecommunications network which offered Nigerians the enablement platform to succeed in different fields of human endeavor.
Glo later followed up with Rule your World, a message of empowerment that helped build confidence in Nigerians that they can achieve their dreams, rule their world and be the best that they want to be. “So, we are happy at what these slogans have achieved for our company and our subscribers who have been inspired to dream, work hard, achieve their life objectives and rule their world. With the new strap line“Unlimited”, there is indeed no limit to what our stake



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