I was not nude in ‘I Wish’ – Waje

A few days ago, Nigerian songstress, Waje, released her video for her song ‘I Wish.’ Many criticized her for going “nude” in the video after stills from the video were released.  Waje and her publicist have responded to these claims saying it was all fancy editing done by the video director – Clarence Peters.

Waje I wish

Waje said:

After being on set of the movie – Tunnel, I realized that our music videos are like movies painting the right picture and acting it. I Wish video is a lifeless theme and the song is a vulnerable song, and I tried to interprete it in that abstract nude picture with the broken mirrors. It’s me trying to interprete a woman’s vulnerability.

Waje’s publicist, Ifeoma says her client was not nude,

It was all graphics.  Waje didn’t go nude in that video. She was putting on her clothes with some jewelries.  The trick was all Clarence Peters’ work who made her look as if she was naked. You would notice that the picture was dark and blur with just her face being the most visible.



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One Response to "I was not nude in ‘I Wish’ – Waje"

  1. Umar Garba Umar says:

    You make Nigerian peoples surprise with your nude, ”WAJE”


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