Lami feat. Ice Prince – Ori Mi Wu [official video]

This official video for Lami Phillip’s single   “Ori Mi Wu” featuring  Ice Prince.The lovely single which was released sometime last year and is still wowing Nigerians all around the world.

Lami Phillips is an African song writer and pop singer born in Illinois, Chicago. She attended Queen’s College Lagos, Nigeria and continued her educations at Roedean School Brighton in East Sussex, UK. She is also one of the few top 5 new rap/hip hop artists attended the University of Kent, and completed studies at Nottingham. She got an Executive MBA from Penn University.

Ori Mi Wu Video

Lami’s Interview with NOTJUSTOK

How would your experience after the release of your 1st album?

Pleasantly surprised and humbled by the love and support shown. The position as a UN Envoy came shortly after.Things kinda went super fast. I decided to slow down,reflect and start work on the next album.

What influence your latest single Ori Mi wu?

The next album is titled “Pieces of love”. I reflect on the seasons of love and this song Orimiwu just describes that moment when u know ur whipped; the moment when u know thats the person you want to be with for good. Orimiwu was my first attempt at co-producing. I really wanted to ease into the next project so its soft,easy and sweet

Is there an album in the works? How does it differ from the 1st album sound and experience wise?

The next album “pieces of love” carries more of me in it. I’ve been recording for months in the UK and Lagos… I’m being selective about what goes on it. People who listened to the first will relate. Its still AfroNeoSoul but with varying vibes depending on the message of the song. Its early days so fingers crossed.

What do we expect from Lami next?

I’m working on a lot of music, involved in an Oxfam project “AfricansAct4Africa” and shooting videos for the album. I’m happy…I love what i do …and I appreciate the love im being shown. Not everyone gets to live thier dream.



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