Actor Joseph Benjamin Shares his Story

Joseph Benjamin shared the following via BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). Read his story below;

I have walked a rough and long path, to get here. It did not come easy, let me give a brief version. I had to go through different stages of life’s challenges. I’ve worked jobs, that might surprise people considering the fact that I do not come across as one who could have. I did all these in a bid to keep body and soul together. I did  not understand, that all these were a major part of my training process. I have worked as a security guard, worked in a bakery, worked as a waiter, worked as a bus conductor, sold female shoes at Balogun market, was a container off-loader.

I have had these experiences mold up my character, I was homeless for a while in my life, but all through this I kept pushing and never gave up. I never got into any form of crime all be it I was exposed to the very fabric of it. I was just a beneficiary of God’s unmerited Grace and Mercy. I would not have gone through that phase of my life on my own without loosing it, imagine when you sit and wonder, which way forward, where will the next meal come from. 

My only possession and property in this life was a nylon carrier bag and in it was a pair of chinos pants, a shirt and a pair of brogues that had some city miles on it, which was evident from the heel and the gully, that had been created on the sole thus making it almost impossible to wear them whenever it rained. I wore these set of clothing, with pride and dignity, my resting place, was at the corner of the balcony of an incomplete building. I would always wake up to the sound of radio from the neighboring houses. I obviously had no where to go but in all of this I never gave up. I would always ponder about who I was and where I was headed, take note I did not say seat because that was a position by default, my posture was always weak, but my future was not bleak.

I would always rise each day, all be it to nothing but I kept going. I never knew my life had been predestined by divinity. God had it all planned out to bring me here, to make me a light to my generation.

See his original message below;

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