Solomon Akiyesi’s wedding: What really happened?

Nollywood actor, Solomon Akiyesi married Lilian Akiyesi seven years ago, after they had been together for six years. They’ve been together for thirteen years and after trying for years to conceive, Lilian finally got pregnant last year. However, unknown to her, her husband was having an affair with a Lagos based lady. Lilian and Solomon are based in Port Harcourt.

Solomon Akiyesi wedding drama2

Solomon’s Lagos based girlfriend got pregnant and the two started planning a wedding that was supposed to take place yesterday (April 13th). Lilian got wind of the wedding plans days ago and according to her friend, Solomon sent money to Lilian on Friday April 12th and promised to return home next week. He told Lilian that he was in Lagos to shoot a movie.

Solomon Akiyesi wedding

When Lilian confirmed the wedding was really going to happen today, she contacted the police, took some family members and friends and stormed the wedding venue – Overcomers World Outreach located at Overcomers Close, off Ramlat Timson str, in Aguda, Surulere. Lilian, who is eight months pregnant, stormed the church and managed to stop the wedding before the pastor could pronounce her husband and his mistress ‘husband and wife’. The police were later called to return sanity to the place.

Solomon’s wife was also upset with Launcelot Odua Imaseun, who was at the wedding. She ‘blasted’ him stating he knew Solomon was married and questioned why he would attend a second wedding. Meanwhile, Solomon posted the following message on Facebook

Solomon Akiyesi wedding drama

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  1. okolo jnr says:

    but this woman is not 8months pregnant abeg where is d pregnancy na?


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