Check out Ade Bakare’s 2013 Spring/Summer Collection – “Sahara”

London-based Nigerian designer, Ade Bakare, presents his new summer collection called “Sahara“. Characterised by burnt oranges, golden yellows the pieces are heavy with embellishments  sequins, flirty floral print and and hints of tribal origins. With fitted ball gowns, charming sun dresses and asymmetrical tops the detailed collection is bold and elemental.

Ade-Bakare-Summer-Sahara-Collection10 Ade-Bakare-Summer-Sahara-Collection11 Ade-Bakare-Summer-Sahara-Collection Ade-Bakare-Summer-Sahara-Collection1 Ade-Bakare-Summer-Sahara-Collection2 Ade-Bakare-Summer-Sahara-Collection3 Ade-Bakare-Summer-Sahara-Collection4 Ade-Bakare-Summer-Sahara-Collection5 Ade-Bakare-Summer-Sahara-Collection6 Ade-Bakare-Summer-Sahara-Collection7 Ade-Bakare-Summer-Sahara-Collection8 Ade-Bakare-Summer-Sahara-Collection9



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