Photos – May D Plays DJango In “So Many Tinz” Music Video

For his fourth video, fast rising pop act May D steps up a notch and teams up with UK based director, Moe Musa to bring alive a four-minute version of the popular movie, Django Unchained.

The video, NET gathered, is for his new track, So Many Tinz and he plays the lead character, Django supported by dancer, Kaffy and Kay Switch

The video is directed by the well acclaimed director Moe Musa and sure looks like a hit in the making

Here are some of the pics and things to expect



may-d-on-set-3 may-d-on-set-4 may-d-on-set-6 may-d-on-set-8



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2 Responses to "Photos – May D Plays DJango In “So Many Tinz” Music Video"

  1. ifyounknewbetteryouwoulddobetter says:

    I subscribed to Gist Us so I could see what is going on in Nigeria. Thank you for confirming that you, my young brothas and sistahs in the Motherland, are just as crazy and misguided as many young people in the US. Our history is our legacy. This “adaptation” of Django for a video is SCARE-REE. There is nothing to glamorize or make entertaining about torture and the insanity of slavery! Signed…an Elder


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